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Hello Everybody! I just got back from a pretty great vacation that involved me just hanging out with family. Hanging out with them inspired me to create casual spring looks. Enjoy!

#1-Casual Spring

This beautiful pink sweater goes great with a fancy tank top and blue skinny jeans.


This modest shirt looks fabulous when paired with blue and gold accessories. This is a perfect outfit for family gatherings.

#3-Ready for Spring

It does not feel like spring everywhere! So why not get into the spring spirit with a plain white tank and dark blue skinny jeans?

#4-Casual Outfit

This one is made especially for those just itching to get into a cute dress. This striped dress can be made casual with converse shoes and a jean jacket.

#5-Hipster Fashion

Hipster fashion seems to be on the rise this spring. Try wearing earthy colors for a trendy look.


Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review

Nectar offers amazing pairs of sunglasses at an amazing prize. I received four pairs to try and review. Pictured above, you can see a photo of my favorite pair called Clutch.

LOOK: Each pair has its own unique look, so I will be talking about each of them. Drift, a lively brown pair of sunglasses, has frames with a sunburst color. The lenses are pink, orange, and yellow. The pair entitled Clutch has a black frame with purple lenses. Dante, a sweet pair of shades, has a black frame with black lenses. Breck, another lively pair, has a brown frame with gold lenses. This is just a glimpse of the colors that Nectar has to offer.
FRAME: I received three pairs with a thick frame and one pair with a thin frame. I love the one with the thin frame because that is such a hot look for spring/summer 2016. I highly recommend looking up the Dante pair for a cute, fun, flirty pair of thin sunglasses.
PACKAGING: This company tru…


Here are today's trendiest outfits:


Pair these awesome brown accessories with a forest green shirt and rolled jeans.


Here is a different take on the previously seen outfit. This outfit combines a dark green shirt with skinny jeans.


White pants look great with a pastel shirt and matching accessories.


This beautiful cardigan looks great with skinny jeans and a printed cami!


Red and Black is a great color combination to try this spring. Pair black jeans with white, red, and black accessories for a trendy look.


I am so ready for skirt weather. Today, I will be displaying the latest and greatest in skirt fashion along with my predictions for fashion trends this spring.


This white tank top and denim jacket look great with this khaki skirt.


Pair a black maxi skirt with a grey tee shirt and gold jewelry to create the ultimate hipster look.


Pair a long sleeved denim jacket with a colorful skirt to create a cute Easter look.


Pair a print skirt with a denim jacket and blue jewelry to create a modest look.


I predict to see a lot of pastels this spring. Get ahead of the game and check out some of my other Spring Fashion blog posts.


DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review
Stoked Goods makes organic lip and face moisturizer that comes in a biodegradable tube.

LOOK: This tube is about 3x the average size of lipbalm which means 3x the product. I really love how the tube is made up of recycled product. I am all for recycling and saving the planet. I also am fond of the colors that pop out from the regular brown of the tube. It gives the tube a modern yet boho chic feel that I love all of my products to have.
SCENT: To me, it is important that my lipbalm smells good, otherwise I just am not interested in using it. This lipbalm smells just like coconuts. A rare scent to find, this company does the scent of coconuts justice by not making it too sweet.
QUALITY: There is a myth out there that a lot of lipbalms actually just dry out your lips to make sure you keep using the product. Thankfully, this is not the case with Stoked Goods. Stoke Goods is selling a product that actually works. This p…


Happy Spring Everyone! The official first day of spring is this coming Saturday! I am so excited to see what 2016 will bring this spring. Here are some preppy looks that are perfect for a night out, hanging with friends, or work.

#1-Lobster Roll

I am so in love with this preppy look. The white tee helps to accent the print pants. Finish the look with light pink jewelry.


I love the navy blue and pink color combination. The brown really helps to bring it all together.


In this outfit, preppy and casual combine in the most beautiful way. Again, we see the pink and navy blue color pallet accented by brown.

#4-Street Style

Pair a white tank with simple jean shorts to accent your accessories.


I predict that navy blue and pink will be a popular color combination this spring. What do you think?


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 
Raw Rev Glo offers the power of raw super food. Raw Rev was founded by a registered nurse and natural foods chef. The company is committed to great taste and even better nutrition. The bars are rich in antioxidants and super foods. The bars are always dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, preservative free, and vegan. 

LOOK:I really love the design on the packaging. Each flavor has its own color which is super helpful for trying to remember which flavor you loved the most. The pictures on the front of the bars really take the packaging to a whole new level. The illustrations really show exactly what is in your product. My favorite part about the packaging is the prominent display of how many grams of protein are in each bar. 
SCENT: I can never bring myself to eat anything that smells bad or weird. Luckily, these bars smell like peanut butter which is the main ingredient for most of the bars.