DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Raw Rev Glo offers the power of raw super food. Raw Rev was founded by a registered nurse and natural foods chef. The company is committed to great taste and even better nutrition. The bars are rich in antioxidants and super foods. The bars are always dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, preservative free, and vegan. 

LOOK:I really love the design on the packaging. Each flavor has its own color which is super helpful for trying to remember which flavor you loved the most. The pictures on the front of the bars really take the packaging to a whole new level. The illustrations really show exactly what is in your product. My favorite part about the packaging is the prominent display of how many grams of protein are in each bar. 

SCENT: I can never bring myself to eat anything that smells bad or weird. Luckily, these bars smell like peanut butter which is the main ingredient for most of the bars. 

TASTE: These healthy bars have a great taste. My favorite bar was the peanut butter with dark chocolate. I highly recommend that flavor for anyone new to protein bars or the Raw Rev company in general. Overall, the tastes were flavorful and delicious.

ALLERGY WARNING: I just want to state a simple warning for those allergic to peanuts and/or treenuts to NOT eat these bars even if they seem delicious. 

OTHER NOTES: Some of these bars contained chocolate, and I was thrilled to find out that the ones that did, did not melt in my hands. Some of these bars did have quite a thick consistency, but that was probably just the peanut butter. 

SUMMARY: 4/5! Do you love Raw Rev? If so, use the hashtag #FueledByRawRev to profess your undying love for superfoods.


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