DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review

Stoked Goods makes organic lip and face moisturizer that comes in a biodegradable tube.

LOOK: This tube is about 3x the average size of lipbalm which means 3x the product. I really love how the tube is made up of recycled product. I am all for recycling and saving the planet. I also am fond of the colors that pop out from the regular brown of the tube. It gives the tube a modern yet boho chic feel that I love all of my products to have.

SCENT: To me, it is important that my lipbalm smells good, otherwise I just am not interested in using it. This lipbalm smells just like coconuts. A rare scent to find, this company does the scent of coconuts justice by not making it too sweet.

QUALITY: There is a myth out there that a lot of lipbalms actually just dry out your lips to make sure you keep using the product. Thankfully, this is not the case with Stoked Goods. Stoke Goods is selling a product that actually works. This product moistens lips and keeps them moisturized for, in my experience, about 12 hours. 

VISION: Stoked Goods's vision is to get people stoked about life. I always like to review all aspects of the brand, and I love a brand that cares. Stoked Goods encourages customers to use personal care products that are good for them and to achieve their dreams.

OTHER PRODUCTS: Along with the lipbalm, Stoked Goods also sells banditos.



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