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Feeling preppy? Then you'll love these fun  spring outfits.

#1-Classically Preppy

This is a classic preppy spring outfit. Pair a striped navy and white shirt with matching blue jeans for a fun look.


Don't like stripes? No problem. This outfit looks a lot like the first outfit except for the shirt. This outfit features a plain white peplum shirt with dark blue jeans. This outfit looks great on everyone!

#3-Spring Prep

Stripes are all the rage this spring. For those who love dresses and skirts, this outfit is for you. Pair this navy blue and white striped dress with light brown accessories.

#4-Outfit of the Day

Confused on what to wear? This classic spring look can be your ootd every day. Like the other outfits, this outfit combines a navy and white striped shirt with blue jeans.


 This dark outfit is also preppy and perfect to wear around family and friends. This grey top looks great with a maroon sweater and dark grey bralette. Complete the outfit with ripped…


Are you tired of seeing the same look all the time? If so, be a trend setter with these fine pieces.


This outfit gives off a fun, free-spirited vibe. I love the white tee with the pastel purple skirt. The grey accessories are great addition to this outfit. This is perfect to wear while hanging out at home.


This outfit is for the extrovert. The white tee keeps the outfit casual while the pastel jacket gives the outfit a trend-setting feel.


Not every girl is extroverted, but that doesn't mean every girl can't be a trendsetter. The sweater and skinny jeans give this relaxed outfit a chill vibe.


This outfit is only for those brave enough to wear it. Pair a lace cami with white jeans for a fearless look.


For the lady who only wears the most beautiful outfits she can find, I recommend this magnificent look. The black cami and skinny jeans look great when paired with a printed blazer.


Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Travalo offers a convenient and cute way to carry perfume on the go.

LOOK: I received a grey colored product. I was actually quite happy with the way this product looked. It has a sleek modern design that makes it fashionable and useful. This is the perfect to bring with you on a trip or to the gym. You could even match the color of the product to the color of your luggage or your gym bag.
SCENT: I was thrilled to find out that this product holds in the scent of all my favorite perfumes. Due to its airtight containment, Travalo keeps your perfume smelling fresh at all time. I was so happy to find a way to put some of my perfume in an on the go container without having to suffer the loss of the scent.
CONTAINMENT: Travalo holds up to 5mL which is about 65 sprays of perfume.
HOW IT WORKS: There are two simple steps to filling your Travalo with your favorite perfume. First, take off the cap…


Check out these cute colored based outfits.

#1-Red and Black

I love this outfit. Red and black is a great color combo to try early in the spring. The checkered flats, matching scarf, and black pants really tie the outfit together.


This trendy outfit is perfect to wear to school or work. The printed shirts looks great with light skinny jeans and a red blazer.


This casual outfit is perfect to wear while hanging out at home. White jeans are a great style this spring, and they look even better with this top.

#4-Cute and Admirable

This outfit is great for a casual night out. The white tank allows for green skinny jeans and green accessories. Finish off the outfit with a cream open sweater.


A perfect outfit to wear while strolling the streets after a lunch with friends, this outfit shows that you follow the beat of your own drum. The black jeans look great with the marble grey fitted tee to create a spring look.


When Limoneira asked me to write an article about the health benefits of lemons using their lemons-I could not refuse. Not only do Limoneira's lemons taste delicious, they are great for you.

Not many people know that by drinking lemon water, the body can become healthier and you can feel happier. Bodies are all about balance. They tell people exactly what they need to keep in balance. Too much acid in the body can cause fatigue, allergies, and arthritis. The simplest way to enjoy lemons daily is to drink water with lemon slices.

The flavor and the health benefits from the lemons defuse into the water. The lemons, along with many other benefits, will improve general digestion. Lemons also detox the body, rejuvenate the skin, add flavor to water, help with weight loss, freshen breath, strengthen immune system, reduce bloating. I have personally seen a lot of health benefits come from the lemon water I have been drinking daily for about two weeks. I have found that my skin contains l…


I've noticed a lot of aspects of grunge style coming back into style. Here you will find five posts with casual, vintage, and hipster grunge outfits.


Pair a flannel with a plain white shirt and black accessories for a modern grunge look.


This jean jacket looks great with a striped shirt-dress and grey accessories.

#3-Night Out

Make a great night out outfit by pairing a brown jacket with a black dress.

#4-Ready for Summer

Pair an olive jacket with a plain tank and black denim shorts for a great look. Finish off the outfit with a long pendant and black boots.

#5-Modern Hipster

I love the casual aura of this navy blue dress and cardigan.


Rawbox offers great healthy alternatives to traditional foods and other products in a monthly box.
LOOK: I love the look of this box. This box has a great color pallet. The box is a deep purple with mint highlights. A perfect combination that seems to match the recent weather.
SMELL: The soap I received had fresh lemony scent despite being labeled as non-scented. I didn't really mind. The ginger tea obviously smelled like ginger. My house smelled natural and eco-friendly, and I loved it!
TASTE- The detox and ginger tea were both spicy yet delicious. The flavor just warmed me from the inside out.  The detox was a blend of burdock, dandelion, and juniper berry. The ginger tea was a blend of ginger, lemongrass, licorice, and peppermint. The raw chocolate covered brownie mouthful was a bit bitter for me. This is because it was made with raw cacao. It was still overall a good bar that helped satisfy my sweet tooth fo…