When Limoneira asked me to write an article about the health benefits of lemons using their lemons-I could not refuse. Not only do Limoneira's lemons taste delicious, they are great for you.

Not many people know that by drinking lemon water, the body can become healthier and you can feel happier. Bodies are all about balance. They tell people exactly what they need to keep in balance. Too much acid in the body can cause fatigue, allergies, and arthritis. The simplest way to enjoy lemons daily is to drink water with lemon slices.

The flavor and the health benefits from the lemons defuse into the water. The lemons, along with many other benefits, will improve general digestion. Lemons also detox the body, rejuvenate the skin, add flavor to water, help with weight loss, freshen breath, strengthen immune system, reduce bloating. I have personally seen a lot of health benefits come from the lemon water I have been drinking daily for about two weeks. I have found that my skin contains less acne and that I have actually lost weight. I recommend adding lemon slices to water for anyone who is serious about becoming healthy.

Lemons can boost metabolism. Boosting metabolism can help with weight loss. German researchers found that both men and women's metabolic rate surged 30% after drinking about 17 ounces of water. Lemon water also helps with weight lost because people often think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. Lemon water can help to solve this problem. Lemon water is also a great beverage option to offer to employees. Limoneira lemons can help anyone who wants to boost their culture and their health. Limoneira provided me with fresh lemons to use in my water. When you buy from Limoneira, Limoneira will deliver their finest lemons on a weekly basis. Simply, cut and put in a tall glass of water.

Before drinking a glass of lemon water daily, I thought I was as healthy as can be. I had simply accepted the fact that I would always have acne to cover and bloating to deal with. I thought that was just a part of life for me. Over the past two weeks, I have seen my acne virtually vanish. I have also become slimmer thanks to my disappeared bloating. For more information about the health benefits of lemons, email


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