Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Goodie Two Sleeves offers cute, funny, and comfortable clothing. I recommend these amazing graphic tees for casual wear. 

LOOK AND STYLE: The first product I received was the "But baby...I can change shirt"(pictured above). I really enjoyed this shirt because it was funny in a geeky way. Geeky shirts are always in style. This particular shirt came in a very nice shade of black. Black is always chic. Geek and chic can be a super cute style to try this spring! The next shirt I received was the "Cant touch this" shirt. I liked this shirt because of the reference it made to a popular song from the 90s/00s. Like the other shirt, this shirt offers a geeky chic approach to style that I absolutely adore for casual days at home. The final product I received was the 'How you like me me-ow" shirt. I loved this shirt because cats are always in-style when it comes to graphic tees. Overall, Goodie Two Sleeves offers great graphic tees in both men's and woman's styles.

COLOR: Overall, Goodie Two Sleeves offers clothes in shades of white, grey, or black. However, they do offer shirts that have a more definite color. Personally, I enjoy clothes with a darker hue to them. A lot of graphic tees tend to be lightly colored and don't go with my own personal style. I was thrilled to find that Goodie Two Sleeves offered graphic tees in not just brighter colors, but in greys and blacks too. 

FIT: I ordered my generic size(medium) for all of these shirts. With tees, it can be hard to tell what size you are, especially if you shop in the women's department. I was happy to find that Goodie Two Sleeves offered clothing that actually fit me. For those who don't know their size, their website can offer you help. Goodie Two Sleeves offers a great sizing chart that is easy to comprehend.

QUALITY: Sometimes, I will come across a super cute graphic tee only to find that it barely holds up after a wash. Goodie Two Sleeves offers high quality clothing. 

FEEL: Some graphic prints really irritate my skin. Long-term readers will know from previous posts that I have sensitive skin and am always looking for clothing and beauty products that don't leave me feeling awful. The prints the Goodie Two Sleeves offers felt great on my skin. In fact, I could not even feel the print.

SUMMARY: Goodie Two Sleeves offers geeky chic clothing for a fun, yet cute, look. For more info on Goodie Two Sleeves, check out their Facebookwebsite, or Instagram. With every order, you get a coupon code to use for your next purchase. Overall, I was super happy with the clothing I received from Goodie Two Sleeves, and I recommend the brand!


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