Womens Worlds Okayest Halloween Costume T-Shirt
Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

HG Apparel offers bold and original funny tee shirts!

LOOK AND STYLE: I received the "World's Okayest Halloween Costume" tee from HG Apparel. I really enjoyed this shirt because it is so hard to find Halloween shirts in adult sizes. I love having a shirt for every holiday, and HG Apparel allows me to do that in an original and funny way. Ranging from white to green, this particular shirt comes in a variety of colors. I picked black because I felt that it went best with the holiday and with my personal style. It is important to note that HG Apparel offers a variety of graphic tees for other holidays and for everyday wear. Overall, HG Apparel shirts have a bold, yet humorous, vibe to them that you can't find anywhere else!

COLOR: Like I mentioned before, HG Apparel allows you to pick the color of your graphic tee from a list of choices. I really like this idea because it allows for everyone to enjoy what HG Apparel has to offer. I especially liked how HG Apparel had options to get shirts in shades of black, grey, and white. These shades can be especially hard to find in department stores. HG Apparel allows for you to pick a graphic tee that matches your personal style.

FIT: HG Apparel shirts fit great! Women's sizes come in a fitted style. It can be hard for me to find a fitted graphic tee shirt. Luckily, HG Apparel was there to provided a graphic tee that looked cute and fit the way I wanted it to.

QUALITY: Some graphic tee shirts fade after only one wash! This sad fact is true for a lot of companies, but it is not true for HG Apparel. This shirt looked just as vibrant as it did the first time I wore it. HG Apparel offers high quality graphic tees that last!

FEEL: Occasionally, I will come across a graphic tee that really irritates my skin. Luckily, this shirt felt great to wear. I had no irritation whatsoever. In fact, I could not even feel the print.

SUMMARY: In world where everyone is trying to fit in, stand out with HG Apparel's trendy and original tees and tanks! 

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