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Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

Gold N Hot offers professional styling tools created for a variety of hair textures.

LOOK AND STYLE: The first product I received was the Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver from Hot Tools. I actually received this product in gold; however, I posted a picture of it in purple to help differentiate between the too. I loved the gold and black combo on this product. I thought it made it look chic and professional. I noticed that this product has a unique locking system. Instead of simply locking in place, one flips a small lever and it locks or unlocks. The power button is also a switch similar to this. This make the product seem that much more efficient. This product also has a long cord that gives the user a lot of mobility.The second product I received was the Jumbo Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver from Gold N Hot. This product is also gold and black. This product was significantly larger than the other one, and, because of that, I did have some trouble using it at the beginning. This product has a great turn on switch and a simple locking system for easy storage. The cord on this product is of a good length for mobility. Overall, these products have a chic, stylish look to them that cannot be found anywhere else.

COLOR: I loved the color of these products. I find that a black and gold color combo is the epitome of chic. There are no colors more elegant than black and gold, and when put together, they create a product that is effortlessly stylish. 

USE: The Hot Tools product was super easy to use. This product was small enough to fit easily in my hand, yet big enough to create luxurious curls. Overall, this product works great! Like I mentioned earlier, I did have some difficulty using the Gold N Hot product at first. After a few tries, I finally figured out the product, and was able to create some beautiful curls. 

QUALITY: Both of these products are very high quality. They both warm up very quickly and work well. These wavers are designed well!

CURLS: The curls created by these wavers look pretty similar. The Hot Tools curls are shallow and have a crinkly look to them. The Gold N Hot waver creates deep waves that have a flowy appearance too them. Both create a unique beach wave look.

SUMMARY: For an innovative and profession waver, use Hot Tools and Gold N Hot!

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