Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review.

Neauties offers natural, handmade lip balm and lip gloss that offer protection and contain maximum healing strength

LOOK AND STYLE: The first products I received were the strawberry and cherry lip gloss. As you can see by the picture, these lip glosses come in small glass jars. I thought that this was a really unique way to package lip gloss. It really appealed to me because I have never seen that before. The Neauties logo is white and brown. Normally, I would label these colors as bland for a logo, however, these colors work really well with the overall Neauties brands. I feel like the colors really help represent the face that the lip gloss (and lip balm) is natural and handmade. The minimalist design seems to fit in well with the modern world. I don't like my makeup and beauty products to seem too "busy". Neauties kept it simple, yet chic. Another thing I noticed about the lip gloss was the picture of the fruit it smelled and tasted like. I found this to be creative and fun. The picture of the fruit really kept up with the chic design. The next products I received were the original and peppermint lip balm. The first thing I noticed about each was the band of color around the lip balm to represent the different flavors. Pictured above, one can see that the original Neauties brown is shown on the original flavor, and the pale green is shown on the peppermint. I was impressed with the fact that Neauties could incorporate different colors and still give off the same organic message. The Earth-tone color scheme really works well for this brand in all of their products. Plus Earthy-tones are great year-round. The next thing I noticed was the Neauties logo on each product in the original brown. I really liked this idea and think that the homage to original brand and flavor is really cool. Unlike the lip glosses, the lip balms I received pretty much stop looking alike here. The original lip balm has a brown banner with the flavor"Original" written in white. I liked how Neauties found a way to sort of spruce up the original flavor. Typically, companies will package original flavors in boring packaging. I was pleased to find that Neauties went against the grain on this one. The peppermint lip balm has the flavor written in green with a picture of a peppermint leaf underneath. Overall, Neauties products and minimalist, simple, and chic.

SMELL: When I use a beauty product, smell can be very important to me. I really hate using a product that just smells bad or weird which can sometimes happen with natural products. I found that the cherry and strawberry lip glosses smelled very sweet. There was nothing gross or strange about the smell. However, they did smell very similar to me. The original lip balm did not really smell like anything. It was pretty much odorless. Because it was an original flavor, I expected this. I was pleased to find it scentless. The peppermint lip balm smelt the best out of all four. I found that this one really did smell like peppermint. So much so that it made me think of candy canes. Neauties products really have a smell that matches the flavor.

FEEL: Normally, when I think of lip gloss, I think of using a wand to apply a silky liquid to my lips. Neauties lip gloss is not liquidy. It is more of a solid. However, once applied, it really does feel like regular lip gloss. When I first saw the product, I thought that there was no way it would feel like lip gloss, but it really does. This product is great for applying over or under your regular lip makeup if you have chapped lips because it is clear and can lock your lip color in. I highly recommend the lip gloss for this reason. The original lip balm really just felt like regular old lip balm. I consider this a good thing. I would like to note that applying  the peppermint lip balm caused some irritation for me.

TEXTURE: The lip gloss sort of has a sticky texture until applied. Once applied, as I stated in another section, the lip gloss feels like regular makeup lip gloss. The lip balms have a waxy texture. This texture really did work to keep my lips from chapping. So I definitely appreciate it.

APPLICATION: The lip gloss is applied with a finger on to the lips. This may seem strange for some, but I did not have a problem with it. I applied the lip balm right from the packaging to my lips. I found that applying both the lip gloss and the lip balm was simple and easy.

SUMMARY: If you want lip products that are stimulating, energizing, and healing, use Neauties lip products. You can even use the code NSCC10 for 10% off your purchase!


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