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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review

Zee Alexis offers woven shoes that move and respond to every step!

LOOK AND STYLE: I received the DANIELLE Black Metallic Woven Sneaker. There are several things I love about this shoe. The first is the laces. There are laces, but there is not need to lace them. I have found that this pre-laced up style is becoming increasingly popular. As someone who loves to be a trendsetter, I felt like I really set trends with these shoes. Another thing I love about the appearance of these shoes is the woven material. The woven appearance makes the shoes look completely unique; I have never seen anything like it before. That is something that really drew me to this shoe. The final thing I noticed about this shoe was the part on the the back. As you can see by the picture, the shoe comes up a bit on the heel up towards the Achilles tendon. I am someone who is prone to getting blisters in the particular spot. Seeing that this shoe had this extra bit of material gave me confidence. I felt like this shoe would be able to protect against blisters. Overall, Zee Alexis shoes are shoes for the trend-setter, and who doesn't wanna be a trendsetter?

COLOR: Zee Alexis offers shoes in a variety of colors. I have even seen shoes that have multiple colors. However, I am a huge fan of darker colors, so seeing an all black shoe caught me eye. It can be difficult for me to find shoes that fit in my aesthetic. Zee Alexis makes it possible for everyone to find a shoe that is just right for them!

FIT: These shoes felt great on my feet! Length and width wise, these shoes fit perfectly. They aren't too big or too small. These shoes also have memory foam. As someone who suffers from arch pain daily, this was some much needed relief. These shoes felt good to wear, and they supported my arches better than any other shoe I have tried. I highly recommend this shoe for those who suffer from arch and general foot pain. Another great aspect of the shoe is the extra piece of fabric over the Achilles tendon. This really does prevent blisters and protect already formed ones. These shoes are great for anyone who suffers from foot pain and has added bonuses for those that do not!

QUALITY: These shoes are made of high quality material. There were no rips, tears, or stains when the shoes arrived. After two days of wear, they still look as if I just took them out of the box. These shoes will last through a lot of wear and tear.

FEEL: With or without socks, these shoes caused no irritation to my skin. As I mentioned before, they provide ample arch support. Overall, these shoes feel great to wear. I highly recommend.

SUMMARY: Zee Alexis offers creative and unique woven shoes for women. Overall, I was super happy with this shoe, and I high recommend it!

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