Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.  Pictures are property of Balega.

Balega offers high-performance socks for men and women.

LOOK/STYLE: The first sock I received was Ultra Light No-Show sock in Sherbet Pink. The first thing I noticed about the sock was the elastic arch support in the arch and ankle. I have never seen something like this before. As someone who has high arches, I was very interested in this. I also like the heel tab. This heel tab is becoming more popular in socks, especially for athletes. I noticed the sock had various mesh panels that aid in ventilation. I love this design idea. This is another design unique to Balega. The final thing I saw was the seamless toe. Although they are unavoidable, I really hate the look of seams on anything. This sock has an overall preppy feel to it. The next sock I received was the Enduro No-Show in bubblegum pink. This sock also had a seamless toe. Like the Ultra Light, this sock had ventilation panels and arch support. I love the way the panels and support look in this sock. This sock has a fun and girlish feel to it. The final sock I received was the Hidden Contour in light grey. This sock had a lot of the same aspects of the other two socks, and had an overall serious, hard-working vibe to it. The Ultra Light and the Enduro have the Balega logo on the top of the sock near the toes. I actually really like this logo. I find the logo to be cute and creative, and it really gives the sock some character. Along with this logo, those socks also say Balega underneath the heel tab. Unlike the other two socks, the Hidden Contour said Balega on the top of the sock near the toes and did not have the Balega logo. I preferred the socks to have the logo and the words.  Each of these socks presented heel tabs, ventilation, and arch support in a way unique to the sock's individual style. Balega offers products that will match up with your personal style.

COLOR: This is where Balega won me over. Each sock is amazingly colorful. The Ultra Light sock featured a hot pink and orange combo. Along with these two colors, the sock was accented with magenta and white. The sock is mainly hot pink. Ventilation panels are in orange, and arch support is in magenta.  This combination is perfect for summer workouts. The Enduro was pastel pink and grey with purple, aqua, pink, and blue accents. The bottom of the sock was pastel pink whereas the top was grey. The heel tab is in a unique purple. The ventilation panels are in pastel pink, and they are highlighted in various bright colors. Based on appearance and color, this was my favorite sock out of the trio. The final sock, the Hidden Contour, was grey with blue and dark grey accent areas. The ventilation panels were blue while the overall sock had dark grey accents. All three socks featured at least three colors in unique and well thought out color combinations.

FIT: All of these socks fit really well. For the Ultra Light, I found that the arch supports not only supported my arches, but they also helped to keep my sock in place. The heel tab really helped prevent my sock from slipping inside my shoe.  This sock had a unique heel pocket that helped the sock fit me better. Like the Ultra Light, the heel tab on the Enduro prevented my shoe from slipping. The Hidden Contour featured elastane throughout the sock which kept the sock in place. The heel tab also worked really well. Overall, all of these socks have amazing fits!

QUALITY: These socks arrived with no rips, holes, tears, or stains. After a day of wear and wash, these socks held up amazingly. These socks can handle anything thrown at them. These products are made of an amazing material.

FEEL: The Ultra Light, has a reinforced cushion heel. This really made the sock more comfortable. As someone with high arches, I was thrilled to see a sock with arch support. I also noticed that the heel tab and seamless toe on all the socks, can help prevent blisters. The heel pocket also improved comfort. Based on comfort and feel, this sock was my favorite. These socks were extremely comfortable!

SUMMARY: For ultra soft, durable, and well-designed socks, use Balega!


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