Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of The Browgal.

The BrowGal, created by Tonya Crooks, provides the best in eyebrow makeup.

LOOK/STYLE: The first product I received was the eyebrow scissors. These scissors have a beautifully intricate design. I especially love the added holes for aesthetic, The design is what really caught my attention. The next product I received was the eyebrow gel. This gel had a really attractive design. The font had a blot effect to it that really gave it that LA feel. The product has a simple yet chic feel to it that I love. I also received the highlighter in cherub/champagne (01). This product came pre-sharpened which I appreciated. This product also goes along well with the aesthetics of the other products. It has the exact same font as the gel. The final product I received was the skinny brow pencil in medium brown. This pencil came pre-sharpened which was greatly appreciated. One thing that really caught my eye on this pencil is the sharpener. The sharpener is attached to the cap of the brush that is on the other side of the pencil. I have never seen a sharpener attached like this. As someone who often misplaces sharpeners, whether they be for eyeliner or brow pencils, I really found this to be unique and innovative. Because the sharpener is attached to the cap, it is a lot harder to lose it. Like all of the other BrowGal products, this brow pencil has the same blotted font that I enjoy. This makes all of the products feel like a complete set. When it comes to looks and aesthetics, The BrowGal has one of the finest!

COLOR: There is so much to talk about in this section. First, I will discuss the color of the pencils, and then I will discuss the packaging. The eyebrow gel is clear. I actually really liked this because it helps to hold in color without making my brows super dark. Unlike the gel, the highlighter and pencil are colored. I received the highlighter in the lightest colors available. The color was very vibrant. It stood out against my brows and helped to shape them. The skinny brow pencil was the perfect color. It matched my hair perfectly. For those that don't know how to pick a pencil color, The BrowGal has a helpful flowchart on their website. The color was vivid, and helped to give me stunning brows. Now on to the packaging. Long time fans will know that I have always loved the white and black color combination. It is one of the greatest and most chic color combos that have ever existed. Having black packaging with a white font really makes this product stand out from its colorful competitors. I have always found super colorful makeup packaging to be a bit busy. This simple, yet stylish, design really drew me to the product. The products have an overall mature and sleek feel to them. 

FEEL: I could not feel any of these products on my face. Before it dried, I could feel the eyebrow gel on my face; however, once it dried, I could not even feel it. Everything felt light but left me looking beautiful. 

USE: For those who are new to brows, Here are my steps to perfect brows:
1- Use The BrowGal eyebrow scissors to trim down any hairs that are too long.
2- Comb brows using The BrowGal skinny brow pencil.
3-Using The BrowGal skinny brow pencil, gently fill in or shade in brows.
4-Highlight underneath brows with The BrowGal highlighter pencil.
5- Finish off your look by locking hairs in place with The BrowGal eyebrow gel.

APPLICATION: The eyebrow gel comes with a wand that looks similar to a mascara wand. Combing the gel onto eyebrows is easy. Use the highlighter and brow pencils like pencils. 

SUMMARY: For innovative products that are built to last and leave you looking and feeling beautiful, use The BrowGal.


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