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Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. 

FreeWaters offers sandals and shoes for men and women donating 1% of their gross product to charity.

LOOK AND STYLE: The shoe I received was the "Sky Slip-On" in grey. I really liked the style of this shoe. This shoe had a tomboy aura to it that I just loved. I really liked the strip of white on the bottom of the shoe. This gave the shoe some personality which I love for my shoes to have. This strip of white will also help to match the shoe to more outfits. The next thing I noticed about the shoe was that there were numerous small holes in the shoe as part of the design. This is innovative and unlike anything I have ever seen before. This shoe is truly unique. The final thing I noticed was the lack of laces. This makes the shoe absolutely perfect for summer. The first sandal I received was the "Jess Print" in silver/grey animal print. This flip-flop is perfect for summer. This shoe looks great with nearly every swimsuit out there. This shoe is perfect for the beach. I really liked how the print was cute without being gaudy. The second sandal I received was the "Carolina" in brown/tan. This was probably my favorite shoe out of the three. I had been looking for a cute brown sandal for a long time. Some colors just don't go with black sandals. This sandal has several great qualities. First, I felt like the shades of browns used go really well together to create an overall brown shoe. The slight variations of brown give the shoe a great look. I really loved the wide band on the shoe. This woven band is astonishingly stylish. Overall, FreeWaters offers stylish summer shoes.

COLORS: FreeWaters has so many color options. At first, I will admit that I was shocked. I have never seen a shoe store that offered so many color options before. FreeWaters truly has an option for everyone. I loved the variety of shades offered. FreeWaters makes it easy to find a shoe that is right for you!

FIT: These shoes fit great! The slip-on fit perfectly on my foot. These shoes never slipped off of my foot while I was wearing them. The print sandals also fit great. These shoes are easy to slip and on and off in a flash making them perfect for the beach or the pool. The Carolina shoe was also easy to put on and off and fit great! It was no shock to me to learn that FreeWaters offers shoes that fit great!

QUALITY: These shoes are made of high quality material. There were no rips, tears, or stains when the shoes arrived. After several days wear, they still looked brand new!

FEEL: None of these shoes caused any irritation to my skin. The slip on and the Carolina did not cause any blisters to form. Overall, these shoes felt great!

SUMMARY: FreeWaters offers comfortable and stylish sandals for men and women! FreeWaters has decided to offer all Contractor Critique fans a 40% off code to use when you check out. Use the code FW40NCBLOG at by 6/30/16. 

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