Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.  The pictures are not mine and belong to Onzie

Onzie offers yoga wear that is not only great for yoga but for a variety of athletic activities. 

LOOK AND STYLE: The first product I received is the Dreamcatcher Tank in white. There was so much that I loved about this tank. The first thing I loved was how it was a muscle tee. Tees like this are so amazingly cute, and are perfect for the summer. Not only that, but they also make you feel cute while you work out. Muscle tee shirts look great with bandeau bras or sport bras. What you chose to wear the tee with is up to you. The next thing I loved about this shirt was the intricate design. The dreamcatcher was beautiful. As a fan of dreamcatchers, I love this tank. The design gives the tank an edge to it while still keeping the shirt feminine and boho-chic. My final compliment to the tank would have to be how it managed to be the perfect length. I often have the issue of my shirts being far too long for me. This shirt was an absolute perfect fit! The second product I received was the retro shorts in black. It was love at first sight for me and these shorts. They were a perfect length for me. They were long enough to be cover everything without being too long. In other words, they are just the right length! The waist band of these shorts also caught my eye. The waistband blends in well with the shorts. This allows me to wear these shorts for more than working out. Together, these two products create an amazing workout outfit. The tank and shorts go so well together. The black design in the shirt matches perfectly with the black of the pants while the white of the tank keeps things from being overly dark. The outfit functions as an edgy-chic approach to workout wear. Overall, Onzie offers clothing in beautiful designs with a bold vibe. 

COLORS: My favorite things about Onzie would have to be the fact that they offer products in a variety of colors. The offer clothing in a range of colors from galaxy prints to chic black. There is something for everyone in their shop. I recommend looking not only at the clothes I reviewed, but at their new chrome collection. Like all of their clothing, this line is fierce and vibrant. 

FIT: As I mentioned above, Onzie clothing fits like a metaphorical glove. Their clothing has a magical ability to fit exactly the way it fits their models. I am truly impressed with how well their clothing fits as I have never found a company whose clothing fits this well. 

QUALITY: As with every tee with a print, I was concerned about my dreamcatcher muscle tee while it was going through its first wash. I was terrified of the print fading because I loved it so much. Luckily, this tee lasted through this first wash and many more.

FEEL: I like my workout gear to feel loose and comfortable. Onzie clothing feels great and allows your skin to breathe.

SUMMARY: For workout gear with fierce cuts, beautiful prints, and major metallics that set you apart from the crowd in a good way, check out Onzie. Their clothing is cool, comfortable, and chic!


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