Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Rubba Ducks.

Rubba Ducks are the first character based rubber ducks! Each rubber ducks is designed to promote and communicate its individual personality.

LOOK/STYLE: I  received 12 rubber ducks from Rubba Ducks. Six are pictured above and six are pictured below.  I have always been a huge fan of ducks, both real and rubber. One of my favorite ducks, Candee, is Christmas themed. Candee has beautiful red and white stripes with a silver hat on top of her head. This hat is actually painted with sparkle paint. Her symbol is a stocking. The reason this duck is one of my favorites is she actually smells like cinnamon. This is the first time I have ever encountered a rubber ducks with a scent that wasn't rubber! I found this to be really cool and unique. This, along with her design, helps make candee a cute Christmas decoration. Next up is Duckhound, my favorite duck. Duckhound, pictured above, is adorably cute. He has big round eyes and even a cute little tongue sticking out of his bill. Duckhound also has a tiny collar around his neck. bearing the letter "D". His tattoo is of a dog food bowl. This bowl is filled with dog food and even has a small "D" on it. These small, intricate designs help set Rubba Ducks apart from competitors. The next two ducks come as a pair. Mr. and Mrs. Duckbells, pictured below, make one of the cutest duck couples of all time. I will start with the Mrs. and then move on to her husband. Mrs. Duckbell sports an elegant updo with a crown and veil. The veil is actually made from cloth which makes this duck more appealing to me. She is designed with eyelashes and a pearl necklaces. These small details help to portray her femininity. She is wearing an extravagant dress that is designed with many little details. He tattoo says, "Just Married". Her husband is wearing his hair in a simple manner. His little duck tux included a bowtie, a boutonnière, and buttons. His tattoo is similar to his wife's; although, his says,"Just Hitched". These two would make a great wedding cake topper! Next up is Duckerball, pictured above. Duckerball is a unique duck with a soccer ball design. This duck even has the seams of the soccer ball. His tattoo reads,"Kick Me". This is the perfect duck to give to a soccer fan! Zooming in from the speed way is Ducktona, This ducks comes equipped with a detailed black helmet and flames on the sides. The flames on his helmet even match the flames on his wings. This #01 duck's tattoo is a picture of a checkered flag. Perfect for the racing fan in your life, this duck is detailed and original! After zooming with ducktona, it's time to relax. Calm down with Duckspa, pictured below. Duckspa sports a towel on her head with a robe to match. On her face, she has on a rejuvenating mask and cucumbers over her eyes. Her tattoo is a pair of slippers. She is just as unique and original as her owners! A duck right out of a fairy tale, Merduck, picture below,  has long hair with a variety of shells in it. This helps her to look exotic. Below her seashell necklace, is a tail with sparkly scales.Her tattoo is of  She has an overall aquatic and mysterious feel making her the perfect Halloween duck. Next up is a duck whose name is a pun, Parameduck, pictured below, makes the perfect gift for the paramedic in your life. This duck has a blue hat with the paramedic symbol on it. This duck is wearing a paramedic uniform with a variety of pins and patches. His tattoo says "9-1-1". This duck is extremely detailed. Ducklet, pictured above, is adorable. He has cute pig ears and even a little snout. Near his curly pig tail is a picture of a pineapple. How cute! The final duck pictured above is Angel. Above her curly blonde locks, is a golden halo. Looking near her wings, one can see that she is draped in a simple, yet elegant blue garb and the picture of a harp. She makes a perfect gift for Christenings! The final duck pictured below is Gobble. This Thanksgiving themed duck features beautiful feathers all throughout. His symbol is of a wishbone. Overall, I think all of these ducks are extremely detailed, original, and creative!

COLOR: Each duck is very colorful. From the pastel blues of Angel to the vivid reds of Gobble, every duck is designed to have vibrant, shocking, and beautiful colors. Truly, no detailed was spared when designing these ducks. My favorite duck, Duckhound, features an array of browns. Blending different brown hues together really helps to give this duck a dog-like appearance. Each duck contains at least three colors making them visually appealing to children and adults alike!

QUALITY: I believe that these ducks are very high quality. Each duck is able to float in water without sinking or turning sideways. Because the ducks are weighted, it gives them a great advantage over other company's ducks. The weighted aspect of these ducks really appealed to me. I like rubber ducks that float well. Rubba Ducks takes the cake in this category!

DURABILITY: As children, I believe everyone had a depression moment in which they realized that their favorite rubber duck had gotten moldy, and despite their protests, their mom threw it away. Looking back on my memories, I am glad that my mom threw away moldy ducks, but ever since then, I have been searching for a duck that doesn't get moldy. Rubba Ducks's ducks have not grown any mold! I believe that they are durable and will last a long time!

NASCAR: I am sure that all NASCAR fans felt a feeling of familiarity when they saw the picture of Ducktona. This makes perfect sense seeing as how this duck sponsored NASCAR #74 in the Xfinity race! Rubba Ducks even sold their ducks at the event in Newton, IA and sold over 1000 ducks! That is how amazingly popular these super cute ducks are! Rubba Ducks is going to continue to sponsor NASCAR #74, so be sure to look for this car next time you attend a race or watch it on TV. During the weekend of July 9, 2016, Rubba Ducks will be selling their ducks during the stock car and Indy car races! Be sure to pick up a duck there or from their website!

SUMMARY: Each Rubba Ducks's duck is unique, original, and innovative!


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