Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Stupell Industries.

LOOK/STYLE: I received this Antique Explorer World Map from Stupell Industries. The first thing I noticed about this map is the Latin saying on the top. This truly piqued my interest. I have always been intrigued by other languages(both dead and alive!). After doing some translations, I found out that the saying at the top roughly reads, 'A New World Geography Map with Oceans Labeled"(based on high school Latin lessons and some Google translate). I really like this saying as it helps give the map a unique feel to it. Along with this phrase, the map also has several different beautifully decorated textboxes with information about the map as well as the countries and oceans, all in Latin. I have not gotten around to translating this just yet, but I am really excited to learn more about this antique map. Based on my understanding of history, the continents and countries are drawn the way the world was viewed in the early 1500s. I am a huge history lover, and just have an item like this in my home is such a unique experience. The shape of the continents helps make for a great conversation starter. Another unique thing I noticed are the ships placed in the oceans. I have never seen a map with ships in the middle of the oceans. I am not sure if this aspect of the map has historical basis or if it just a bit of the artist's idea of what antique maps should look like. Either way, I love it! I think these little ships do a great job of giving the map an aged feel while showing the history of world exploration that really exploded in the 1500s. The final unique aspect of the map is the two small globes at the bottom corners of the map. One globe shows the world view from the south pole; while the other map shows the world view from the north pole. This is another thing that I have never seen on a amp before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Overall, I thought this antique map had a cool, creative, and unique look. 

COLOR: Color was beautifully incorporated into this map in many different ways. The map itself is a calming shade of cream that makes the map easy to look at. The map also has a soothing yellow boarder. Each country is outlined in a calm, pastel shade with black labels. 

QUALITY: When I received this map, it was in great condition! There were no rips, tears, or holes. This map is made of high quality material.

MATERIALS: This product is made of 100%  canvas placed on wood.

DURABILITY: Home decor needs to be able to handle the regular wear and tear of home living. Regular dust and dirt will build up and a product needs to be able to handle a gentle dusting. I am happy to say that this product is able to handle a gentle dusting every once in a while.

SUMMARY: Stupell Industries offers unique home decor with a classy and elegant feel. 


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