Mighty Toothbrush Holder - BlueMighty Mirror - BlueKOBY Bag - Blue
Disclaimer: I received this products for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Tooletries.

Tooletries makes stylish and functional bathroom toiletry and travel products that grip onto shiny surfaces.

LOOK/STYLE: The first product I received was the Mighty Toothbrush Holder in blue. The first thing I noticed about this product is the small tray above the razor holder. I really love this tray because it can be used to hole anything. Personally, I use this practical tray to hold earrings that I forget to take off before I get in the shower. There are some small holes in this tray to drain water, but if my earrings are small, I attach the earring to the hole. The next thing I noticed about this product was the razor holder. I really loved this aspect of the product and found it to be really useful. I often find myself without a place to put my razor, and I end up trying to balance it on top of shampoo bottles. The Mighty Toothbrush Holder really offered a great solution to my problems. The final thing I would like to discuss about this product is the toothbrush holder. Although this container is designed for toothbrush, I used it to hold the washrag that I use to clean my face. Before this product, I would just place my washrag on the door of the shower which is probably not the best place to put a face towel. The Mighty Toothbrush Holder offers a more stylish alternative, and it does hold toothbrushes for those that are in need of a toothbrush holder. This product offered modern solutions to problems that I have had for years. The next product I received was the Mighty Mirror in blue. This mirror comes in a silicone case that can be removed. Personally, I recommend keeping the silicone case on because the case is what sticks the mirror to the walls of your shower. Surprisingly, this is the first shower mirror that I had that did not fog up. The final product I received was the KOBY bag in blue. This bag is made entirely from silicone. I have never had a bag like this before, so using it was new to me. I found that this bag can actually stretch to hole a lot more products that my other toiletry bags ever could. This bag is able to hold all of my makeup and all of my toiletries. All of my lady fans out there will understand just how much this really is. I was thoroughly impressed with this bag. This bag also has a heavy duty zipper that keeps everything in and doesn't break. Overall, Tooletries offers fashion-forward, practical products.

COLOR: One thing that I really love about the Tooletries brand in general is the color of their products. Tooletries offers all of their products in blue, black, and pink, with a few products in some other colors such as green or white. Being able to get products in the same shade is really important to me. It helps to make my bathroom look complete as well as visually appealing. The color of the products is a vivid, vibrant blue that I love.

QUALITY: All of these products are really high quality. The two products, the Mighty Toothbrush Holder and the Mighty Mirror, are made up of strong silicone. They really stick to the walls of my shower, and they don't fall down. The KOBY bag impressed me the most with this section. This bag is made of leak proof material. Even when something spills, in my case it was  face wash, this bag keeps the liquid locked in so it doesn't get all over your other travel items. These products are high quality.

DURABILITY: Like I mentioned earlier in the review, the Mighty Toothbrush Holder and the Mighty Mirror don't fall down in the shower. I consider that to be pretty durable. The Mighty Toothbrush Holder puts up with a lot of action. From placing earrings in the tray to placing in a heavy, damp washrag, this holder was able to keep up with me and everything I need in the shower. The KOBY bag went through even more. This bag had to stretch to hold all of my toiletries as well as deal with me constantly, or what seemed like constantly, zipping and unzipping it. None of these products leaked, ripped, or teared!

MAINTENANCE: Because I kept the Mighty Toothbrush Holder and Mighty Mirror in my shower, there really wasn't anything that I needed to clean. The KOBY bag on the other hand did have to be cleaned. I was surprised with how easily liquids could be wiped up from the bag.

SUMMARY: For toiletry products that are built tough and are as strong as you, use Tooletries!


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