Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. These pictures are property of Topganic.

Topganic offers products for all of your high quality hair needs!

LOOK/STYLE: I received these amazing hair products from Toganic. The first thing I love about the look of these products is the consistent design throughout the Brazilian Nut Oil Collection. All of these products have a black lid, brown container, and white label. I really love the brown container with the black lid. It gives the product a really chic look. I have always associated brown and black as a color combination that signifies elegance and style. I am also in love with the label on these products. The first thing I noticed on the label is the Topganic logo. This logo has a great, classy font in a vibrant green color.  To do the "i", Topganic uses a leaf. This helps to show how the product has an organic basis. Underneath this creative logo, the name of the product is listed as well as a label that states that this product is from the professional collection. This is also in a classy font with a sleek brown color. This brown matches the brown of the bottle. I love this. Because the colors match, it helps bring the product together. Moving down the bottle, one can see a colorful picture of a Brazilian nut. I have always enjoyed beauty products that have pictures of the scent. It can be hard to see on the pictures, but this product is labeled with "Keratin Protein: Intensive Repair". I was thrilled to see this. Before using this product, my hair was in desperate need of repair. It was dry and damaged. Just seeing this label on the product put me at ease. The overall label has a faint paisley design. I have never seen this before; I found this to be immensely creative, unique, and cute. Overall, I loved the look of this product line. The design was sophisticated, fashionable, and elegant.

SCENT: When it comes to beauty products, scent is really important to me. I absolutely love the smell of this product. It is professional and deep. Because each product has the same scent, the smell lasts all day! This scent is perfect for the product. This is my favorite hair care scent of all time!

APPLICATION: Each product is applied differently; however, each product is easy to apply. The shampoo and conditioner are applied exactly the same way as any other shampoo and conditioner. The moisturizing cream is used to help style hair or to hold in a hair style. Use while styling for a beautiful look. The hair mask is used after shampoo and conditioner. After applying to hair, brush through for even distribution and rinse out after five minutes. The leave on serum can be used to style damp hair, or it can be used as a heat protectant. Topganic offers hair care that is easy to use.

EFFECTIVENESS: The shampoo and conditioner were infused with keratin protein. Keratin Protein can help with intensive repair. Like I mentioned earlier, I was dealing with dry and damaged hair. After using the shampoo and conditioner, I could see and feel a difference in my hair. My hair looked brighter and felt softer. I have to attribute some of this to the Topganic hair mask that I use twice a week. The silk serum and moisturizing cream made my hair easy to style. I found these products to be extremely effective.

FEEL: All of these products have a light, silky feel. It did not make my hair feel thick, heavy, or greasy. After uses these products, my hair felt great!

SUMMARY: Topganic provides products that allow for luxurious hair!


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