12oz Tumbler Jr luxury disposable plastic wine glasses9oz Champagne flute luxury disposable plastic flute
Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Tossware.

Tossware offers upscale recyclable drinkware. Tossware is perfect for any event. The unique shatterproof drinkware delivers the feel of a true wine glass with a smooth rounded lip and crystal clarity.

LOOK/STYLE: The first glass I received was the 12oz Tumbler Jr. I love the elegant look of this glass. This glass comes in, what I consider to be, the perfect size. The beautiful simplicity of this glass makes it perfect for Scotch. Unlike its cheap counterparts, the 12oz Tumbler Jr. is graceful and stylish. The second glass I received was the 9oz Flute. The flute looks essential and posh. Compared to other, cheaper plastic flutes, this flute looks classy and luxurious. These glasses are perfect for every party; I especially recommend these glasses for a fun, outdoor, summer party.

COLOR: Longtime readers know that I always discuss the color of products that I review. This is only the second product that I have reviewed that is clear. These glasses are crystal clear giving the glasses a stylish and graceful look.

USE: This product is easy to use. Because this glass is shatter-proof and stackable, it is easy to incorporate these products into any party. While these glasses are designed to be used with alcoholic beverages, these glasses can be used with any beverage and with any age. From high school graduation parties to retirement parties, these glasses are perfect and easy to use; just treat them like a regular glass that has some added benefits.

QUALITY: These products are high quality. Despite their plastic exterior, these products look stunning. They are resilient. They don't shatter or leak. I was impressed not only with their look, but with their makeup as well.

ASPECTS: There are some amazing aspects that sets these products apart from the competition. These products are BPA free. I was thrilled to see this. BPA can affect hormones in the body in a negative way; this is why it is important for all drinkware  to be BPA free. These glasses are also shatterproof. Because these products are shatterproof, there is no need to worry about cleaning up broken glass. These glasses are also stackable making them perfect for parties. There are so many sophisticated aspects to these products that I love.

SUMMARY: Tossware products are versatile and perfect for anywhere and everywhere. They are make with the highest quality crystal clear BPA free polymer. Their mission is to meet the consumer need for drinkware that accomplishes the dual mission of being upscale and robust yet afforable and recyclable. Tossware is the most sustainable drinkware on the planet. These glasses are shatterproof, crystal clear, BPA free, uniquely engineered, ultra-convenient, high quality, recyclable, and stackable. I highly recommend trying the 12oz Tumbler Jr because it was my personal favorite. For more information check out the Tossware website or email Tossware customer service.


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