Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

True Natural offers organic products from brands such as Lavera, True Natural, and Benecos.

LOOK AND STYLE: The first product I received was the Self-Tanner lotion. I liked the colors on this product. The brown and white gave the product a great natural look. I love how True Natural took their traditional logo, orange and white, and altered it to fit with the product. The varying shades of brown in the logo go well with the brown on the bottle. the logo itself is very appealing. The flower shape helps to portray the fact that this brand offers natural skincare. The minimalist design helps to give off a chic feel. Despite the business of the modern world, True Naturals keeps it simple and chic. The next product I received was the Trio Blush from Benecos. I really liked the packaging of this blush. It comes in a clear contained with the name of the product printed in a simple black font. The blush also has a small design of a flower imprinted on it. The clear packaging caught my eye because it allowed me to see the product without ever having to open it up. I also loved the font of the product. I thought that the simplicity of the font went well with what True Natural has to offer, simple chic products that are made naturally. I also loved the small flower imprinted in the blush. This really helped to push the overall natural message. Overall, True Naturals features products that are designed to look as natural as they are.

SMELL: When I use a beauty product, smell is very important to me. I really hate using a  beauty or skincare product that just smells bad or weird.  Obviously, the blush was not scented seeing as blush never is scented. Therefore, I was happy to find this blush odorless. However, the tanner was. The tanner claimed to smell like lavender, and it truly did. This was a nice clean smell. It was not overly strong. True Natural offers products with clean, fresh smells.

FEEL: The tanning lotion really did feel just lotion. It was not too thick or greasy. It feels clean and comfortable. The blush felt like powder. Once applied, I could not feel it at all. 

TEXTURE: The lotion has a silky texture until applied. Once applied, it dries very quickly. 

APPLICATION: I recommend applying the self-tanner lotion with a small towel or rag to ensure that your hands do not become tanner than the rest of your body. The bottle itself contains more information about how to apply. I applied the blush using a large powder blush to apply it just above and on my cheekbones. The blush itself can work as a contour tool. If you contour and use this blush, be sure not to use too much dark contour as this is a darker blush. 

SUMMARY: True Natural offers award winning self tanners and other products that naturally enhance your beauty.

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