Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

USA Pan offers amazing aluminized steel pans that have a non-stick coating.

LOOK/STYLE: I received this lasagna pan from USA Pan. The first thing I love about this pan is the light grey color. This is a color not often seen in bakewear. I also love the two handles on the side. These handles allow for easy gripping while inserting or extracting the pan from the oven. Another great aspect of the pan is the fluted surface on the bottom and inside of the pan. This fluted surface is unique to USA Pans products. This surface is chic and innovative. The final thing I noticed was the USA Pan logo on the bottom and inside of the pan. I really like having the logo on the product. It gives the product a unique charm and character. Overall, I enjoyed the look of this product!

USE: This product is simple and easy to use. Because of its non-stick coating, food is easily removed from the pan.

QUALITY: This is a high quality product. As I already mentioned, this product has a unique fluted surface. This fluted surface allows for even baking. This product is also made with aluminized steel which provides resistance to hot temperatures and gives the product a vibrant, bright appearance. The pan also has a non-stick coating that makes the product easy to use and clean.

DURABILITY: This product really held up after several uses. This product looks new after two uses. I was impressed with how amazing this product looked after dealing with food, heat, and dish washing.

MAINTENANCE: This product is easy to maintain. This product has a non-stick coating, so not much cleaning is needed. However, if cleaning is needed, simply place the product in the dishwasher.

SUMMARY: The aluminized steel lasagna pan from USA Pan looks and works great!


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