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Vintage Wine Carrier 

Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.

Vapur offers flexible reusable water bottles.

LOOK AND STYLE: The first product I received was the Vapur Element Water Bottle in blue. This bottle holds up to a liter. The first thing I noticed was the clip to attach the water bottle to a bike or backpack. I did like the idea of this clip because it makes it easy to transport the water bottle. Moving down the bottle, one sees the pop open lid. This lid seals tightly which is great when transporting; however, this can make it difficult to open. Caution not to use too much force or the water will spill. The entire cap twists off to fill the water bottle. The water bottle has stripes toward the bottom with one accent stripe. I like this simplistic design.  When empty, this water bottle is easy to store. When full, this water bottle is still compact and perfect for storage while hiking. I love the idea of a water bottle designed completely around easy storage. The next product I received was the Wandervino Vintage Wine Holder with Two Glasses. This bottle holds .75L. The glasses are simple cocktail glasses. I really like the small indent in the glass that allows one to grip the glass better. This product also comes with a small nozzle to help pour the wine when it is time to enjoy. (Sidenote: this product doesn't have to just be for wine. This is great to use to transport juice, lemonade, or other beverages for those under 21.) The product itself has a sleek black cap similar to caps seen on plastic water bottles. This product is striped black and red. I love the adult feel that this bottle has. It gives it a chic look that can make it perfect to take out on a date. The product also compact and easy to store. The final product I received was the Assembled Shades Water Bottle in hot pink. This bottle holds .5 L. This product is very similar to the Element Water Bottle in all aspects except for design and volume. This bottle has my favorite design out of all three. Towards the bottom of the bottle one can see dense dark pink x's. These x's have an ombre effect as they move towards the top. Like the other two bottles, this bottle is compact when it is empty and when it is full. Overall, Vapur bottles come in all kinds of shades and designs. There is a water bottle for everyone.

COLOR: The Element water bottle is blue with dark blue and lime green accents. This actually makes an amazing color combination. For those who shop often, you probably know that this specific combo is found in a lot of boys' swimming suits. In my opinion, this combination is the epitome of summer and family fun. The Wandervino has such an amazing adult feel to it. The other water bottles are great colors and designs for all ages; however, this wandervino manages to stand out in an amazing way due to its colors. The darker shades of maroon and black really takes this bottle to a new level of chic. The nozzle is a chic black , and the glasses are clear. The Shades water bottle has a great vibrant hot pink color with dark pink accents. This water bottle gives a new spin to the classic one color/one accent bottle that a lot of us are used to. In general, Vapur offers a variety of colors to match your personal style.

USE: Because the Element water bottle and the Shades water bottle are so similar, I will be talking about them as if they are one bottle here. The product very easily attaches to bikes, backpacks, or anything else. Unscrewing the product is simple and easy. The most challenging part about this water bottle is filling it up. Getting a good grip on the water bottle can be difficult at first. Once the bottle has filled with some water, gripping it is easier. When drinking, the water has a good flow from the bottle to your mouth. The Wandervino has a very similar system. Like the other bottles, it can be difficult to fill at first. Once some liquid is in the bottle, it becomes easier to grip and finish pouring. Getting liquid out of the bottle into the cups is super easy and simple. There is a good movement of liquid from the bottle to the cup through the nozzle. Because of the way these bottles are designed, I recommend them for outdoor activities such as camping. However, you can use these bottles as an every day bottle. Mainly, Vapur products are designed to be perfect for outdoor fun. Speaking of the outdoors, check out Vapur's website if you are still looking for that perfect Father's Day gift for an outdoorsy dad!

QUALITY: I felt that all of these products were made of high quality. Despite their plastic exterior, these products are resilient. They don't rip, tear, or leak. I was impressed with not only their look, but their quality as well.

ASPECTS: Each Vapur water bottle has unique aspects that set it apart from other water bottles. The most impressive are how each water bottle is foldable, freezable, reusable, and attachable. A foldable water bottle is entirely unique and innovative. I was also impressed with how these water bottles were freezable. This is also new to the water bottle market. Vapur products are also made in the USA. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Overall, these bottles are unique and innovative.

SUMMARY: For an innovative outdoor water bottle, use Vapur!


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