Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This photo belongs to Vibe Sportswear.

Vibe Sportswear offers fashionably clothing for women.

LOOK AND STYLE: I love everything about this dress. My absolute favorite part of this dress would have to be the stylish neckline. This style quickly became popular late in the spring and is now the most popular dress style of the summer. The dress has an elegant drape to it that makes it look amazing on all body types. This dress also comes in a stylish maroon which is one of the most popular colors no matter the season. I also love the sleeveless aspect of the dress. It can get extremely hot and humid in the summer; the sleeveless aspect really does keep you cool. The dress is one solid color, and that is perfect for created cute summer looks. This dress gives off a fun yet professional vibe at the same time. Overall, like all Vibe Sportswear products,  this dress is the epitome of chic and style. 

COLORS: This product is vibrant and beautiful. The color is just as elegant as the dress. If maroon isn't your color, don't worry; Vibe Sportswear offers their products in multiple colors so it nearly guaranteed that you will find a color that you love. 

FIT: I love the fit of this dress. This dress offers a loose, flowy feel that works with every sense of style. This dress fits great!

QUALITY: This product arrived with no rips, tears, or stains. This dress also lasted through the wash. This product was made of amazing, high-quality material.

FEEL: This product has a soft silky feel.

SUMMARY: This product has quickly become my favorite dress because of the amazing, stylish look and the beautiful color. Use the code NicoleScottBlog10 for 10% off, and feel the vibe with Vibe Sportswear!


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