Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This picture belongs to Vismaya Collection

Vismaya offers seasonal selections of scarves, kimonos, and shawls!

LOOK/STYLE: I received this immensely cute scarf from Vismaya Collection. This particular scarf is from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The first thing I noticed about this scarf is the variety of colored blocks sprinkled throughout the scarf. I think this is a super cute and unique design. This particular design looks great with this summer's trends. I also really like the fringe on the end of this scarf. Fringe is always in style during the summer, especially during festival season which is rapidly approaching. Overall, Vismaya Collection scarves are cute, trendy, and stylish!

COLORS: There is so much I love about this scarf in regards to color. The first thing I would like to discuss is the strip of pink. I love this! Pink has always made for a beautiful accent color, and there is no exception here. The pink stripe gives this scarf an accent color that can be easily worked into any outfit, and helps gives the scarf a unique twist that separates it from other similar products. This scarf also features shades of brown, blue, white,and grey. These colors have always been associated with summer. When I think of the beach, shades of brown, blue, and white come to mind. This summery scarf features beautiful and vibrant hues.

FIT: Because this scarf is not an infinity scarf, there are so many ways to style this scarf. This means that you design how the scarf fits! I love how I can make this scarf fit the way that I think is most stylish and comfortable. If you are unsure about how to style a scarf like this, check out the picture above to see my favorite way to style.

QUALITY: This scarf arrives with a small hole near the fringe. This is not a problem for me because it is so close to the fringe. Other than this, this scarf arrived with no rips, holes, tears, or stains.

FEEL: This scarf has a light, comfortable feel to it. Because this is a spring and summer scarf, the material should feel flowy and light. This really makes the scarf more comfortable during the summer.

SUMMARY: Vismaya Collection provides breathtaking and colorful shawls, scarves, and wraps!


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