Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. These pictures are property of Zatik.

Zatik offers natural skincare, deodorant, and shampoo.

LOOK AND STYLE: The first product I received was the Chamomile Blue Cornflower Toner. I really liked the pale yellow for the box. I felt that it gave off a soothing vibe. I also liked the etches of the flower on the box. The box also contains directions and ingredients for the product which I found to be very helpful. The product itself comes in a glass container with a plastic lid. The plastic lid can be removed to reveal a spray top similar to ones seen on perfume bottles. I found this to be very innovative. This is the first toner I have seen that comes in a container like this. I found it very aesthetically pleasing. Also on the glass bottle is an orange flower similar to one seen on the packaging. The next product I received was the Cleansing Grains in Rose & Lavender. I really liked the floral designs that this product had. It really gave tribute to its scent. The final product I received is the Rosehip Black Seed Oil Serum. This product comes in a pale green box. I love how all of Zatik's products come in pale colors. It really helps to bring across the natural and organic message. The product itself comes in a brown glass container with a black plastic top. On the product is a label with directions and ingredients. Overall, I think Zatik products look as organic as they are!

SMELL: I like my beauty products to smell like what they are supposed to smell like. The toner does have a nice light chamomile smell that I really enjoyed. This is the first beauty product I have found that smells like this. When it comes to the scents Zatik offers, Chamomile Blue Cornflower is my favorite. The grains have a very strong, overwhelming scent before mixing them with water, milk, or cider. Once mixed, the product smells much lighter. The serum had a pretty good smell as well. It smelled pretty much like my spices and herbs shelf in my pantry. However, it smelt good and was definitely innovative and unique. Zatik products smell like what they are made of: natural and healthy ingrediants.

FEEL: The toner feels watery. I was pleased to see that it felt just like all other toners. The grains felt dry and sandy at first. Once mixed, they made a paste. The oil serum had an oily feel. Once applied, I could not feel these products at all on my skin.

TEXTURE: The toner and the serum really did not have a texture seeing as how they are liquids. The grains felt a bit rough and sandy before mixed. It felt a lot like fine grit. After mixing, it made a soothing smooth paste to apply.

APPLICATION: Each of these products can be applied in several different ways. However, these are my recommendations. I recommend applying the toner with a cotton ball immediately after washing your face. I recommend applying the grains with your fingers gently and before toner. The oil should be applied with your hands as a makeup primer.

SUMMARY: Zatik offers natural beauty essentials. Zatik even offers a face care routine for different skin types. Zatik's ladybug symbolizes beauty and good fortune, and one of those can surely come to you if you use Zatik. Zatik's raw herbal skin, hair, and body care is made in a USDA organic certified facility, cruelty and gluten free, vegan, 70% locally sources, and crafted in small batches. For fresh, pure, simple ingredients, use Zatik.


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