Zim's Max-Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On - 3 oz

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This picture is property of Zim's.

Zim's offers natural-based remedies that really work!

LOOK/STYLE: I received Zim's Max-Arnica. The first thing I noticed about the product is the use of the color green. Both the cap and the word, "Arnica" is green. This green indicates that the product is naturally based. I also love the blue accents throughout the bottle. They really compliment the green. The bottle also features a picture of a flower. This flower is just another indicator of how natural this product truly is. The label indicates that this product is designed for bruises and strains. Near the bottom of the bottle, there is another flower that shows how this product combines nature and science to create an effective product!

SCENT: When it comes to health and beauty products, scent is really important to me. I really hate it when a seemingly amazing product has an awful smell. Luckily, Zim's has a light scent.I would compare the scent of this product to fresh laundry or dryer sheets. The scent is not too thick or overwhelming. It is perfect for the product.

APPLICATION: This is my favorite part about the product. After unscrewing the cap, one can see a roll-on applicator. I was thrilled to see this. I hate having to get my hands all greasy after applying lotion or cream. Zim's offered a really great solution to a problem I thought I would just have to learn to deal with.

EFFECTIVENESS: I found this product to be very effective for bruises and minor strains. For bruises, it did not make the discoloration go away, but it did relieve pain. I was happy with this result. A painless bruise is really easy to cover up with a little make-up, but make-up cannot make the pain go away. I found that this product was especially helpful for minor strains. Zim's Max-Arnica offered a cooling sensation to the injured area that masked the pain and promoted healing.

FEEL: This product has a light feel to it. I was pleased to find out that the product was not thick, heavy, or greasy. I could easily apply the product without worrying about the product holding me back.

SUMMARY: Zim's offers amazing naturally-based products. Their newest product, Zim's Max-Arnica temporarily helps with minor bruises and strains associated with injuries as well as overall pain and stiffness. This is the first homeopathic product in Zim's line, meaning the ingredients are 100% natural. Zim's Max-Arnica combines Arnica Montana with soothing aloe. Simply apply a small amount using the roll-on applicator for instant relief!


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