Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Rivka Friedman.

Rivka Friedman offers beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings! This stunning Mother of Pearl Pendant is just one of the many pieces of jewelry offered at Rivka Friedman To purchase your own stunning necklace, send an e-mail to customer service or visit their wesbite.

LOOK/STYLE: I received this mother of pearl pendant from Rivka Friedman. The first thing I noticed about the necklace is the 18K gold chain. This golden chain has a beautiful glint in the sunlight(and the moonlight as well!). The necklace is fairly simple one: just a chain with a pendant on it. The pendant itself is quite beautiful. The biggest part of the pendant is the mother of pearl gemstone. This gemstone gives the necklace a nice, soft look to it. The mother of pearl is surrounded by more gold which helps to make the necklace glisten. The look is complete by adding a few false diamonds around one of the edges. These small jewels were my favorite part of the necklace and was what originally attracted me to the necklace. These diamonds twinkle and sparkle! However, I found the pendant itself to be a bit too large for my taste. As a small person, I tend to lean towards smaller gems. Overall, I think this necklace is perfect for the contemporary woman.

COLOR: This necklace is a fashionable gold with a creamy mother of pearl center. The color is very vibrant. It is not at all dull or lackluster. The colors of the necklace make it perfect for a formal evening or even just for everyday wear. Whatever your style, this necklace's colors will go great with nearly every outfit!

FIT: Because this necklace has a lobster claw clasp, I was able to decide the fit. I had this necklace hang at a medium length, and I felt that it had a good fit to it.

QUALITY: This is a high quality necklace! The necklace is made of high quality materials, and the clasp never gave out!

FEEL: As I mentioned earlier, the jewel is large, so this necklace draws a lot of attention towards your chest, neck,and face. For those who center their outfits around that area, this is the perfect necklace!

SUMMARY: Designer Rivka has created a shimmery collection of 18K gold-clad jewelry for the modern, trendsetting woman. Unique textures, natural gemstones, and tactile finishes achieve the look and feel of high-end jewelry. This 18K gold-clad necklace by Rivka is simply stylish!


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