Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

RunRunRun offers eco-friendly products without compromising style and design. These totes, shoppers, and messengers fashionably fold up, but still remain useful. RunRunRun fights back against plastic and supports places where plastic bags are banned. To celebrate these places, RunRunRun has names their products after them. RunRunRun is also eco-friendly.m All bags are made of thick polyester and RPET, a fabric made from recycled bottles. Products are certified lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalates free. Bags can hold up to 65lbs, are water-resistant, and are mchine washable. Each bag also has a special patch that contains a message inside.

LOOK/STYLE: I received these four products from RunRunRun. The first product I received is the Malibu Tote in a stylish blue and black color combination. This tote is very spacious with several pockets. Because of this, this tote is perfect to take anywhere. I really liked the cellphone spot. This makes it so much easier to find my phone. Usually, I have to dig through what seems like pounds of stuff to find my phone. Now, it has its own unique pocket. I took this bag to two different locations: the beach and the city. At the beach, I loved this tote. It was able to hold everything. In the city, it was perfect for holding all of the items I just purchased. Another really unique thing about this bag is every bag comes with a unique message. I won't tell you what mine says. You'll have to purchase your own to discover what inspiring message matched your fabric. Next I received the Italia Shopper in Bellflower Ikat and Solar Ikat. Both of these, like the Malibu Tote, have a unique geometric design. My favorite design out of all four bags was the Bellflower Ikat. The most innovation feature of this bag is the bag's fold-ability. This bag easily folds into a small cube to allow for storage, and as someone who owns a lot of bags, I really appreciated this feature. I took this bag into the city, and loved it! It was perfect for holding everything! Like the Malibu Tote, the Italia Shopper has a unique message that matches the fabric. The final product I received was the Paris Lunch Tote in Neon Chalk. Style is very important to me, and unfortunately, most lunch boxes are not stylish. However, this lunch box is! After having my lunch in style, I was able to simply fold the tote into a cube for easy storage. I was really happy that I did not have to lug a lunch bag around with me for the rest of the day. This bag fits a water bottle and my lunch. Like the other products, this bag has a unique message that matches the fabric.

COLOR: RunRunRun spared no expense when it came to colors. Each bag contains colors that are vibrant, bold, and vivid. These colors really stood out against the drag black or brown bags nearly every other girl is carrying. These bags are as unique and individual as their owners!

QUALITY: These bags are truly high quality. They are made without any harmful products which I really appreciate. Because of this, I feel safer when carrying around RunRunRun products.

FEEL: Each bag has a unique feel to it. The Malibu is a bit of a heavier bag. It is made of a dense material. The Italia Shopper is a lighter bag which is why I didn't take it to the beach. The Paris Lunch Tote is insulated. This helps to keep cold food cold and hot food hot.

DURABILITY: These bags were able to withstand a lot! As I mentioned earlier, each product was able to withstand being out in a city environments. The Malibu also withstood a busy beach environment. These products can hold up to 65lbs which is a lot for a bag to hold. These products are also water resistant and machine washable!

SUMMARY: RunRunRun bags are environmentally friendly and stylish. Would you like your own bag? Then use the coupon code NICOLESCOTT for 20% off. Not interested in purchasing a bag? Then maybe you would like to win one! Just enter using the contact form on the right saying why you love RunRunRun bags, and be sure to share this contest with your friends. Finally, I have a special interview with Brian Dale of RunRunRun:

1-How do you define success?

I define success obviously in attaining your goals.  What are those goals?  They can really vary by where you are in life and what your needs are. I love to design products and nothing makes me happier than meeting my customers on the street here in Chicago with the product in hand and having them say what they love (or hate) about the product.  Obviously we like to hear good feedback, but any improvements suggested help us build a better product next time around.  That's success for me.

2- What are your goals for yourself and the company?

I would like to say "Brian, you've designed some great products and make a lot of people happy."  I think if I've done that then I must have hit all my other goals along the way.

3-What talent do you believe has helped you run RunRunRun?

Hmmmmmm.  Well, I like to think of creative solutions to problems.  And that has helped me in designing our products.  We have been innovators in using recycled materials in our products.  Most of our products use RPET which is recycled plastic bottles.  There are always interesting, beautiful solutions to very mundane problems.

4-What characteristics does a person need to start their own company?

Perseverence.  There are highs and lows in running your own business.  You have to keep on keeping on.

5-What do you think someone needs to be a successful employee at RunRunRun?

We need great people to grow.  When I say great I mean "interesting"  and creative.  Do something surprising rather than show me regular concepts and traditional solutions. I want the next Apple Ipod or electric car.  Its all about beautiful, useful products at RunRunRun.

You don't need to be a Chicago native either.  In fact a diverse set of travels could be helpful to us in designing products to be used around the world.

Be sure to enter the contest, and check back here for more information!


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