Disclaimer: I received  product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Wrap-Em Nails.

Wrap-Em Nails provides a cost effective way of  getting professional looking nails.

LOOK/STYLE: I received three nail wrap sets from Wrap-Em Nails. The first wrap I received was the Dark Nautical themed wrap. This wrap features a chevron design along with an anchor design. The chevron design featured a white and mint color combination. I found these colors and the design to be absolutely perfect for summer. The second design featured a navy blue background with white and blue anchors. Anchors are always in, especially during the summer. I thought that this wrap was beautifully designed. The second wrap I received was the Fish Hooks themed wrap. This wrap featured anchors as well as a geometric theme. The dark blue anchors looked astounding on a light blue background. The geometric design featured white and shades of blue in a creative and unique pattern. This nail wrap was super cute. The final wrap I received was Aztec in blue. This design featured varying shades of blue as well as black and white in a southwestern design. This design was the most intricate and was my personal favorite. Overall, these nail wraps are professional looking with impressive designs.

COLOR: When it comes to fashion, color is important. Because it is summer, everyone is looking for bold, vibrant colors to help them stand out as well as complete their outfit. The colors offered by Wrap-Em Nails are stunning, vivid, and beautiful.

APPLICATION: I found the application process to be extremely easy. First, clean nails. This step can be done with either rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Next, select wrap. Using tweezers, pull off the wrap. Then, press the wrap onto the nail moving from the center outward. Finally, using a nail file, file the wrap down using a downward motion. I loved how these were no heat wraps. This is truly something fresh and new.

DURABILITY: I found these nails to last a long time. They lasted about 1.5 weeks on my fingers and about 4 weeks on my toes.

FEEL: These wraps feel just like polish: smooth and stunning.

SUMMARY: For revolutionary new wraps, use Wrap-Em Nails.


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