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DISCLAIMER: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Farm Fresh Clothing Co.

Farm Fresh Clothing Co provides California made, organic cotton clothing.

STYLE: I received the Women's Classic Crew Neck in Gunpowder and the Women's Fine Scoop Neck in Eggshell from Farm Fresh Clothing Co. The first thing that drew me to the brand in general was that it provided a lot of minimalist and basic clothing. Basics meaning the clothes that every women should have in her closet. From a minimalist stand point, I really liked how both of these shirts were simple and chic. From the view point of someone looking for some basics, these clothes offered a single colored option that can be difficult to find in retail stores. The Crew offered a traditional tee shirt look. It had the typical neck line with wide sleeves. I found this shirt to be perfect for those days when I want a minimalist style. Because of the shirts neckline, Necklaces of all lengths and sizes pair well with this shirt. The other shirt I received was the Fine Scoop. This shirt is a must have for everyone, no matter your personal style. This shirt is great for layering and for just having a casual look. For an edgy summer look, pair the Fine Scoop with black jeans and a black jacket. I really loved the neckline on the Fine Scoop. It was a scoop neckline that was not too low. The sleeves were more fitted on this shirt. Overall, I found these shirts to be chic and a necessity for every women's closet.

COLOR: Gunpowder and Eggshell are two colors that are often overlooked when shopping for basics. Most women think basics are just black and white. What they don't know is that they need a variety of colors to optimize layering. Both of these shirts were just one solid color. I have noticed, in my local stores, that no one seems to sell the basics anymore. Gunpowder is a must have color for fall. The shade of gunpowder that Farm Fresh Clothing Co. offers is strong. There is no fading or sheer qualities to it which I really liked. However, an even more essential color than Gunpowder is Eggshell. Eggshell shirts look great during every season, especially when layered with other, more vivid colors. The shade of eggshell that I received had a slightly sheer quality. This problem was easily solved with an eggshell colored tank. The Fine Scoop had no fading which I loved. In conclusion, these are two colors that no shopper can even think about skipping over.

FIT: Each shirt had its own fit, and I really liked both of them. The Crew neck had a bit of a loose fit. It was not baggy by any means. This shirt did not run big or small. I ordered a medium in this shirt, based off of the Farm Fresh Clothing Co. sizing chart and found it to fit perfectly. The Fine Scoop had a more fitted fit. It still contained looser aspects, but it was definitely more fitted than the Crew. I ordered a medium, and, like the Crew, it was a perfect fit. For those who are against fitted shirts, I do recommend giving the Fine Scoop a try. It gave fitted shirts a looser spin. It is important to note that these shirts are 100% cotton. I mention this because these shirts will shrink in the dryer. I definitly recommend air drying to keep the amazing fit. Everyone's personal style is always changing, so having in-between fit shirts like the Crew and the Fine Scoop are really important. These shirts fit well with each and every style.

QUALITY: Typically, I don't expect plain tees to be made with high quality, so when I tried Farm Fresh Clothing Co shirts, my mind was blown. I guess I am just used to poorly made clothes that are crafted without any heart. I could tell that the people at Farm Fresh Clothing Co. really are passionate about what they provide because this shirt exceeded my expectations and raised the bar extremely high for all future shirts that I purchase. I can tell that these shirts are designed to last for more than just one season. The shirts arrived in pristine condition. There were no rips or tears. What impressed me further was that there were no wrinkles! These shirts arrived ready to wear. They held up through the wash. I own a lot of clothes, but out of all of them, I find that the Crew and the Fine Scoop are some of the highest quality shirts that I own.

FEEL: Both shirts did well in the aforementioned categories, but the shirts really did well here. These shirts are the softest tee shirts I have ever encountered. This includes all the tee shirts I have looked at in stores and not bought as well as every tee shirt I have ever owned. I used to have the motto of "Beauty is Pain", but Farm Fresh Clothing Co. takes that motto and throws it in the trash. You can look and feel beautiful in these shirts while staying perfectly comfortable all day long. These shirts aren't made of crummy material that irritates your skin. Wearing a shirt made of 100% cotton feels great(and looks great too!). Farm Fresh Clothing Co. showed me that cute and comfortable really can go hand in hand.

SUMMARY: I received the Women's Classic Crew Neck in Gunpowder(Size M) and the Women's Fine Scoop Neck in Eggshell(Size M) from Farm Fresh Clothing Co. Both shirts were really amazing, but my favorite would have to be the Fine Scoop. I recommend this shirt because of its unique fit and comfortable feel. It is a shirt that looks great when layered, but also looks great on its own. Farm Fresh Clothing Co. clothes are made in California. They are also made of 100% cotton giving them a great look and an even greater feel.


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