Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Farmer's Pantry.

I received the newest products from Farmer's Pantry. Farmer's Pantry offers wholesome, genuinely delicious snacks that are based off of the authentic ingredients that can be found in a Farmer's Pantry. All of the ingredients are sourced from US farms.

PACKAGING: I received Farmer's Pantry Cornbread Crisps in three flavors and two sizes. Each bag has a very similar look except for a couple of things. The first thing I noticed about the Cornbread Crisps line as a whole was the color scheme of lemon yellow and white. I have noticed similar color schemes( ex blue and white, red and white) used with other companies. This is, however, the first I have seen with yellow and white. The color scheme itself reminded me of my town's local fall festival that takes place on a farm. The colors definitely give tribute to the farms that the ingredients came from.  I also noticed that each flavor had its own color that stayed constant throughout the two size options. Original was brown. I liked how Farmer's Pantry chose a shade of brown that blended well with the yellow and white. This gave the original flavor a comfortable feel. Like original, honey butter's orange was a perfect blend with the yellow and white, an even better blend than the original brown. Using a comfortable color scheme can give the consumer a comfortable feel. A feeling of, "I know this product will taste good", At least, that is the feeling I felt when I took a glance at the products. However, jalapeño had a different approach. To show the bold, unique flavor, Farmer's Pantry used green along with the yellow and white in this flavor. I thought that this was a daring move. I also think it was the right move. This really made the product stand out and grabbed my attention. One thing that was similar between all the products was the picture of the crisps. Each bag has a photo of a handful of crisps placed near a photo of the flavor. Pictures of food on the packaging is always appreciated. The 6oz size has an emphasis on the fact that the product is baked whereas the 2oz has an emphasis on the fact that the product is bite-sized. Both of these are great points to highlight. One thing I did not understand was the fact the honey butter has no nutritional facts on the front like the other two bags. However, I did find the packaging to accurately represent the product while finding a way to distinguish between flavors.

LOOK: Each size product looks differently. The 2oz size is definitely bite sized. It is flat on both sides. I like this look because it is each for on the go. It is a no crumbs, no mess approach to snack size, as I call them, crisps. The crisps have no finger-staining coloration, so no need to worry about that. The bigger size, 6oz, has a bit of a different look. This crisps are much larger than their smaller counterparts. I would say they are about 3x bigger than the size that the 2oz offers. This can cause for crumbs if that is a concern of yours. Also, be sure to break these into smaller pieces when feeding to children. These crisps do  have ridges, but have no coloration. Overall, I really enjoyed the physical look of these crisps. They were unique without looking odd or strange.

SMELL: As all snack lovers know, smell is an important factor. Obviously, I could not smell the crisps through the bag. Once I opened the original and honey butter crisps, I noticed that they really did not have a smell at all. There are two ways to look at this. On one side of the coin, these snacks don't have the delicious snacky smell that other crisps do. On the other hand, no smell means that you won't need a breath mint after eating. Personally, I tend to lean toward the positive aspect of no breath mint needed. I often have to eat on the go. It is comforting to know that my breath isn't going to smell bad after a couple, or a lot, of these flavored crisps. The jalapeño flavored crisps do have a bit of spicy smell, but it was very faint. Like I mentioned earlier, the scentless odor of these crisps allows for eating whenever and wherever.

TASTE: The jalapeño flavor was definitely spicy, but it wasn't hot. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the spiciness that I wasn't able to enjoy the crisps. Normally, I am not a fan of jalapeño flavoring, but I felt like Farmer's Pantry found a way to create a spicy crisp without making my mouth feel like it was on fire. However, jalapeño flavoring is really common among snacks. It was good, but nothing unique. However, the original flavor was really different(in a good way). Most original flavors have some potato undertones, seeing as how most crisps and chips are made from potatoes. Some have wheat flavored undertones, like crackers for example. However, Farmer's Pantry original flavor really does taste like cornbread. I was amazed by how accurate this flavor was. It was delicious and innovative. I highly recommend this flavor for everyone. The flavor I liked best was the honey butter. This flavor was just as unique as the original. I have never had anything like it. It truly did taste like honey with buttery undertones to keep from being too sweet. I also highly recommend this flavor. It is great for every occasion. All three of these flavors are perfect to have out during football games or to include in school lunches!

FLAVORS: I felt like each flavor was represented well. Flavor can be tasted in every bite.I felt like Farmer's Pantry offered a variety of flavor options, so there is truly something there for everybody. These crisps are heavier than a chip but lighter than a cracker. I believe this is what allows for these crisps to be so flavorful.

SUMMARY: Cornbread Crisps from Farmer's Pantry are made with real corn. They are baked, not fried. These are wholesome snacks that the whole family will enjoy. Farmer's Pantry is dedicated to feeding your hunger. For more information on Farmer's Pantry check out their websiteFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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