Women's No Show Sock 4 Pack Light - Mix & MatchWomen's No Show Sock Pair - Black LightWomen's No Show Sock Pair - Yellow Light
Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Keysocks.

Keysocks offers no show knee-high socks for women and girls.

STYLE: These socks truly have a unique and innovative style. These socks look like no-show socks until the ankle. Once the socks hit the ankle, they become regular knee-high socks. I have never seen socks like this before. Their look helps make them perfect for working women. I often want to wear pants, skirts, or dresses, but have found that wearing matching shoes without socks is insanely uncomfortable. These socks make it easy to wear the clothes and shoes I love without sacrificing comfort or style. These socks also have a small blue key on the Achilles tendon. I found this to be a cute and casual way to display the company's logo. These socks are original and cute!

COLOR: Each sock is just one solid color. Normally, I am an advocate of crazy socks, but when it comes to work, crazy socks just won't do. I received these socks in three colors: (light)nude, black, and yellow. I found that the black was a nice dark shade while the nude and yellow were light and pastel respectively. I like the array of colors offered by Keysocks. There is a color for every outfit of every season.

FIT: These socks are a one size fits most. Normally, I find that these kind of socks are too big for me. Thankfully, these socks are actually a perfect fit. They are no show socks until my ankle, and from there they comfortably rise to my mid-calf. I was really pleased with the fit of these socks.

QUALITY: I received these socks without any holes, rips, or tears. These socks held up all day and throughout the wash.

FEEL: I received the Light Socks. These socks are designed for spring/summer wear. I found these socks to be soft and comfortable with a light and airy feel.

SUMMARY: I loved Keysocks! So far, these are the only no show socks I have tried that don't fall down. They kept my feet feeling comfortable and blister-free. If you are tired of no show socks that slip and don't keep your legs warm, then Keysocks are the answer!


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