Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. 

I received this T-Shirt in Baylor/Chicago Bear from Lyn Dorf.

STYLE: It may come as a surprise to some that I am a huge sports fan. Others may roll their eyes at these words because they are so incredibly sick of me talking about the start of football season. That's right, the pre-season is almost over, so it is important to get shirts, hats, scarves, and mugs for your favorite team! As a female football fan, one problem that I have always had is trying to find a sports shirt in my style. Sure, I could buy an extra small in men's or settle for manly looking lady's tees, but why do that when Lyn Dorf offers a unique approach to football wear. Lyn Dorf offers rhinestone clothing for sports teams as well as holidays. For me, football season is a holiday season.The overall style of the shirt is simple. It is a plain shirt with a bear head on it. As one can see from my pictures, the bear head is not very large nor is it too small. I felt like it was actually the perfect size to keep this shirt minimalist and cute. The bear head itself, however, is very interesting. The bear looks extremely similar to the Chicago Bears' bear. I was really impressed that Lyn Dorf could get so close to the actual thing. This shirt offers a really casual style that is perfect to wear during games!

COLOR: My team's colors are navy blue and orange. Because of this, I was so incredibly happy to see that Lyn Dorf offered this shirt in those colors. I am always weary with shirts because I know that women's shirts have an awful habit of being sheer. Luckily, this shirt was not sheer. I was able to wear it without having to wear an undershirt or worry about anyone seeing through my shirt. My favorite part of the shirt is the inclusion and color of the rhinestones. These rhinestones are silver, black, red, and two shades of brown. I never knew how many individual colors would be needed to create the main focus of this shirt. I felt that each color was really used properly to create a dazzling image. Speaking of dazzling, this shirt truly does sparkle. I do appreciate sparkle in correct quantities. A shirt should not be heavy on the glitter, but at the same time, I don't want my shirts(excluding workout wear) to be completely lifeless. I love a cool graphic imagine or a tasteful amount of sequins. In this case, I felt that Lyn Dorf used the correct amount of rhinestones to create a cute, yet sensible image. 

FIT: My main beef with ladies football wear is the fit. I do not like feeling like a cased sausage. "Crammed" is not a verb that should be used to describe getting dressed. For example, If I have to say, "I crammed myself into this shirt", the shirt is too small. Alternatively, I am not looking for a shirt dress. They actually make those, and if I wanted one, I would buy it and not a regular tee shirt. I consider my perfect fit to be a loose fitted. This means that the shirt is fitted where it needs to be and loose where it needs to be. I prefer shirts to be fitted with just an aura of looseness. That being said, I feel like this tee definitely fell really close to my perfect range. This shirt was just a tad bit too loose for my liking. It still had all the aspects of looseness that I love: mobility, able to breath, not feeling like I am wearing a second skin, but it was lacking that figure accentuating aspect that makes fitted tees so appealing. The length was actually perfect, so I would not recommend going down a size; this is just a looser tee.

QUALITY: Have you ever put something in the wash only to have it completely annihilated by your machine? Of course you have! We all have! And it always seems to be our favorite shirt that gets shrunk or bra that gets broken. I quickly fell in love with this shirt, and because of this, I was a bit terrified of what might happen when I threw it into the wash. I did wash it inside out just as a precaution. After the wash, I checked the shirt and was relieved to find that the shirt was still in the perfect condition that it had arrived in: no rips, tears, holes, or missing rhinestones. I do recommend air-drying the shirt to prevent accidental shrinkage among other issues. Overall, this shirt was made with astoundingly high quality. 

FEEL: Above all else, I expect my clothes to feel comfortable. My favorite shirts are always the ones that feel good to wear. Depending on the weather, I like my clothes to feel a certain way. For example, in fall and winter, I like to wear clothes with a bit of weight. I like that heavy, warm feeling that winter clothes bring. This shirt brings that same comfortable feeling. Football is a fall/winter sport, so I had anticipated that this shirt might be a bit on the cozy side. I really did like that about this shirt. It is perfect to wear during breezy fall games or to use as a base layer for winter ones. I truly did look and feel cutely sporty in this shirt!

SUMMARY: Lyn Dorf brings a new approach to fan wear: rhinestones! Lyn Dorf found a way to keep the women in women's sports apparel. No longer will I hunt the aisles for a sports logo that represents my personal style. Instead I will simply browse Lyn Dorf's website. I recommend Lyn Dorf to all girls looking for a new spin on sports!

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