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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Maui Bath.

I received bar soap in Cool Wave and loofah soap in Gardenia.

PACKAGING: I received two products from Maui Bath. Both soaps. Both soaps had clear packaging except for the label. Although this is not a new idea, I thought it was really cool. I loved being able to see the color of the soap while it was still wrapped up. More specifically, I really loved how each product kept with its own theme. For example, the Cool Wave kept with a blue, white, and grey pallet whereas the Gardenia soap kept with a green and white pallet. The colors used with each product really did help me appreciate the product more as a whole. When I think of cool waves, I think of a cloudy day at the beach. I felt like the colors used in the Cool Wave scent really embodied this idea for me. Due to the picture of the flower on the packaging, I was easily able to imagine a field of gardenias. Overall, I felt like the packaging really helped bring the product together and helped it stand out from other soaps.

FRAGRANCE: When it comes to soaps, smell is the most important factor for me. In the end, packaging and ingredients don't matter to me nearly as much as smell does. Each of these products has a very distinct scent. I love how Maui Bath offers different scents. Some companies do not have this option. The Cool Wave scent was, in summary, not for me. I liked how it lacked that soapy smell. (What I mean by soapy smell is the scent of traditional dish washing soap.) I did not like the manly scent it had. This soap smelled a lot like popular colognes. I loved the smell, just not on me. This is really a great soap for guys because it has all of those manly elements that they look for in products. I did fall in love with the Gardenia soap. This soap is truly a more feminine soap. Unlike Cool Wave, it does have those soapy undertones. This is not really a tragic flaw of the soap simply because I except all soaps to have this element. When a scent, like Cool Wave, does not have it, I am truly impressed. This soap truly does smell like flowers. It is a perfect summery scent that is a must-have for every girl!

LOOFAH: When I first saw that the Gardenia soap had "loofah and coconut oil" on the front, I was confused. I understood the coconut oil part, but why would soap say loofah on it? This question was quickly answered as soon as I unwrapped the packaging. I saw that this soap actually comes with a loofah. I was happily surprised! I have never seen nor heard of this before. This truly innovative and original concept is one of the best things that ever happened to soap. Combining soap with a loofah not only saves time, it gives the soap a unique aesthetic. After using the loofah and soap combo, I never want to go back to regular soap. It is truly amazing, and I highly recommend it.

HEALTH: Health is not something to be taken lightly. Everything we do affects our health in some way. The soap we use is not exempt from this rule. As someone who is health-conscious, it is really important to me that I use soap with benefits. I was really happy to see that the Cool Wave soap was vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. I know what some of you are thinking, "But Nicole, you aren't vegan". Thats true, I am not vegan, but I am a fan of vegan health products because it means that everything has a natural base. Personally, I do not want animal byproducts in my soap, so vegan-friendly soap is a definite plus. Parabens are preservatives. Some preservatives are great, in food. A bar of soap does not need to last an insanely long time: just long enough for me to use it. Parabens can be harmful, so I was happy to see that the Cool Wave soap is also paraben-free. Finally, phthalates are chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic. I do not see why this product would ever need to be in soap. This is just another example of  why I think Maui Bath offers some of the best soap out there.

FEEL: After a shower, I like my skin to feel soft. Too often have I used soap only to find it irritates my skin or simply dries it out. We all want to look great, but we need to feel great too. To feel great, we need to have soap that doesn't irritate our skin. Thankfully, both products are soft and gentle on skin. They left me feeling relaxed instead of irritated. Beauty doesn't have to be painful with Maui Bath!

SUMMARY: Maui Bath offers handmade soap that is made is Maui, Hawaii. They offer a complete line of Bath and Body products including bar soaps, bar scrubs, and moisturizers. Their shop offers a large array of fragrances. There is a scent for everyone! For those that live in Hawaii, Maui Bath can be found in several stores. Not sure what to buy? I highly recommend the Cool Wave Artisan Soap for guys and the Gardenia Body Scrub for girls!

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