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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Merlot Skin Care.

Merlot Skin Care, a natural grape based skin care line, allows consumers to discover skin care with nature's most powerful antioxidant: grape seeds. Grape seeds are 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 25 more powerful than Vitamin C.

PACKAGING: I received two product from Merlot Skin Care: the Bath and Shower Gel and the Moisturizer. I really thought that Merlot Skin Care had some really amazing aspects to their packaging. Generally speaking, I found the use of white and purple in every product's packaging to be really creative. Having one color pallet really helped to give these products a united feel. Had each product had its own color combination, I believe that the packaging would not have been as effective as it was. The use of purple and white really helped to show that this was a grape-based product. Due to the purple hues, Merlot Skin Care succeeding in making me remember this fact every time I used the products. I found  that the "fancy" font used on the word "Merlot" made a huge impact on me. Typically, I like my bath/body products to be calming and relaxing. Because I use bath gel and moisturizer in my nightly routine, I tend to want to avoid seeing large bold print. Even the regular font used on Merlot Skin Care's products was easy on the eyes. These gentle fonts helped give me a calm feeling. Each product also has a small image of grapes. This furthers the fact that these products are grape-based. Getting into specifics, the Bath & Shower gel had a typical container for its product. The lid simply snaps open and the bottle is squeezed. This product is interesting because it not only uses the colors of purple and white, but it also includes a gold accent. This gold accent helped make the product look fancier and high-end. I appreciate that dark gold was used instead of a shiny light gold. Darker colors always portray a relaxing feeling unto the consumer. The moisturizer had some unique packaging. Rarely do I see a moisturizer with a twist off lid. I did not like this simple because it was hard to put on or take off while my hands had lotion on them. Aesthetically, it is a really amazing design; I just did not like it in practice. Overall, I felt like Merlot Skin Care's packaging really helped these products to feel like a brand instead of feeling like two completely unrelated products. I was impressed with the colors and fonts used.

SMELL: Both products do have those soapy undertones. They are not extremely strong, but I can tell that these products are not actual grapes. I, obviously, expect this from Bath & Shower Gel; however, I did not expect moisturizer to have this same soapy scent. As it turns out, the moisturizer is actual fragrance-free and the scent fades very quickly. The Bath & Shower Gel, on the other hand, creates a long lasting scent. I found that the scent lasts as long as most other bath & shower gels. There was a strong grape smell. This grape smell was very sweet and reminded me a lot of grape-flavored candy. The closest comparison to this product's smell is grape-flavored hard candy. Personally, this is not my favorite scent, but it is still good. The scent is definitely unique and creative. I have never smelt anything like it on the market before!

INGREDIENTS: If a company claims that a certain ingredient is used in their product, it is important to me that their claim is true.After checking the ingredients section on both product's packaging, I was happy to find that both products really do contain grape seeds. Of course, based on the smell, I never really doubted that grapes were somehow involved. Along with the smell, both products are purple which alludes to grades.

HEALTH: Many may be wondering: "Why grapes?". This is a question I asked myself too. After doing some further reading, I found that grapes contain antioxidants. Some may see that word and understand what it means. Others may just see a long science word and feel very confused. I fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. For those on the latter end, I will be describing what antioxidants do. The most amazing thing they do is slow the aging process. I found this to be truly spectacular. Everyone, no matter how young, wants to slow down this process. Merlot Skin Care offers a really unique source of antioxidants. Before I discovered Merlot Skin Care, I thought that antioxidants could only be obtained through eating foods, like grapes, that contained them. Merlot Skin Care allows consumers to gain much wanted antioxidants through Bath& Shower Gel as well as moisturizer. This is something that only Merlot Skin Care offers!

FEEL: Ultimately, we all want to look great, and we can't look great if we don't feel great. Both products really did feel nice on my skin. The Shower & Bath Gel was very gentle. This is a great product for those with sensitive skin, There are no rough beads or air bubble or anything else that could cause irritation. This product also helped to keep my skin moisturized. Since it is summer, I don't really need to worry about dry skin, but as soon as cooler weather sets in, I will be glad that I am using Merlot Skin Care. The moisturizer had an even better feel. It was gentle and light. The product really had a whipped feeling to it that felt great on the skin. Long time fans know that I prefer a thicker body lotion. This moisturizer is actually face lotion. I liked it ultra-light feel because it did not make me feel like my pores were clogged with lotion, and it certainly did not make my face feel "heavy". Finally, both products left my skin feeling extra soft!

SUMMARY: Merlot Skin Care uses the power of the grape seed to bring consumers high-quality bath and body products!

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