Nigh Howl Women's Bamboo TeeI Heart MTNS Koozie
Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Mile High Clothing Co.

Mile High Clothing Co. offers clothing designed to inspire adventure. The tee I received is from their bamboo collection.

STYLE: I received two products from Mile High Clothing Co. First, I received the tee. The first thing I noticed is the tee's neckline. This tee has a crew neckline. Crew necklines are perfect for outdoor activities, so I thought the tee's overall style really went well with Mile High Clothing Co.'s message. The shirt is plain except for the graphic in the center. The shirt has a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. I thought that the overall graphic had a chic, minimalistic design that I found to be very appealing. The wolf had a bit more detail than the moon; this makes sense seeing as how a wolf would need more detail than a moon. The graphic also has the company initials in small print along the bottom of the moon. Usually, I like my tees to be free of logos, but I understand that companies take a lot of pride in what they do. I really respect Mile High Clothing Co. for representing their company on their products without taking up too much space or ruining the overall vibe of the shirt. Speaking of overall vibe, I found the overall vibe of this shirt to be edgy and adventurous. This is a must have shirt for any girl going for a edgy look or for any adventurous women. I will say that I received several compliments on this shirt when I wore it. The koozie, like the shirt, contained a simple graphic. There were two things I really liked about this koozie. The first was the heart. The heart is actually two mountains. I thought that this was super creative. I also liked the "text talk", as I call it, using on the koozie. Normally, I don't like seeing this sort of improper spelling on my tee shirts, but I am totally fine with having it on certain accessories. I thought that this, combined with the mountains heart, gave the koozie a really relaxing and chilled-out vibe that makes it perfect for bringing it along on camping trips or just enjoying it everyday. Overall, I thought that both of these products are perfect for outdoorsy people and indoorsy people who love the outdoors from a distance. I found the shirt to have a really unique and cute look to it while the koozie is perfect for everyone.

COLOR: As one can see, the shirt is a deep plum with black accents. This is a really great color combination. Deep plum becomes really popular during winter, but that doesn't mean it can't be worn year round. The black accents were stark, not faded. While I can appreciated faded clothing, I felt that having a very intense black against this shade of purple was an excellent style choice. The colors really reminded me of moonlit nights. That feeling is something that is totally unique to this shirt. This shirt is a must-have based on the amazing color combination alone.However, I did have to wear a tank underneath the shirt because the fabric was a tad sheer.   For those who don't usually wear dark clothes, I would recommend making an exception for this particular tee. Unlike the tee, the koozie has a much lighter color combination: green and white. This is a classic color combination that becomes very popular in March. However, it is great to have year-round. The green was very vivid, and the white accents had no fading. Although each product had it's own color combination, I found each product to be appealing in it's own unique way. Each product brought something new, color-wise, to the table that I was excited to try out.

FIT: This shirt had a great fit; it was just a bit long for me. This shirt fit well around my shoulders and had a great neckline. I didn't feel like my shoulders were constricted or that movement was limited by the shirt. I also didn't need to worry about this shirt dipping down too low on my chest. This shirt offered a loose approach to fitted shirt that I loved. This shirt was fitted, but it didn't look like a second skin. The only thing that I didn't like about the shirt was that it was bit long. It hung below my hips. I didn't really like this fit. However, this does make the shirt perfect for pairing with leggings. I also found the koozie to be a perfect fit for most pop cans. Besides the long length, I found both the shirt and the koozie to have good fits.

QUALITY: Both the shirt and the koozie arrived without any rips, tears, or holes. This is what I expect from every company. I was looking forward to having a tee made from high quality material. This bamboo tee shirt held up all day long. I could tell that the shirt was designed to be worn in all environments during all activities. The shirt held up through the wash. I did air dry this shirt, and I recommend that everyone else do the same, The koozie was also made of high quality material. The koozie was able to stretch and shrink back to fit a variety of can sizes.

FEEL: I had expected a sort of rough feel to this shirt because it was made from bamboo. I was happily surprised to find the shirt to be soft and comfortable. I looked and felt beautiful in this tee shirt. I was surprised to find a tee shirt that allowed me to be stylish while staying comfortable. The koozie had an excellent foamy feel to it. It was soft and perfect for picking up cold beverages. Mile High Clothing Co. showed me that cute and comfy really can go hand in hand.

SUMMARY: For a women's tee or a cute koozie that looks stylish, feels adventurous, and keeps you comfortable, try out Mile High Clothing Co.

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