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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Mosmann Australia® .

Mosmann Australia®  offers both men's trunks, briefs and boxers as well as women's bralettes, briefs, and string bikinis. They also have free shipping!

STYLE: I received the Rosie triangle bra and bikini brief from Mosmann Australia®. At a glance, these products have a really unique feel to them. The graphic print design as well as the wireless aspect of the bra helps give both of these products a really chic feel. Floral is not a new print. Floral prints are used on pants, skirts, dresses, etc. However, I think that this set used floral in an alternative way. Most floral prints only contain one or two types of flowers. This set uses a variety of flowers, and this really adds a whole new layer to the floral design.  One thing I really liked about the print in general was the asymmetry that it had. The print has no rhyme or reason to it. The design is not repeated anywhere else. Each flower included only appears once. This may seem trivial, but I have never seen this approach to design on any product. After seeing and wearing products that had this, I am not sure I ever want to go back to the plain repeated design appearing over and over again. This innovative uniqueness is something that really goes well with my personal style and, I believe, most people's style. Overall, I thought this set was chic, stylish, and trendy,

COLOR: I was truly impressed with the colors of this set. The base color is navy blue. The only downside to having a dark bra is that it can't be worn under light colored clothing. This, of course, applies to all darkly shaded bras, not just this particular one. I found the color palettes used to be really appealing. I never thought that pale blues, pinks, and greens could ever go well with navy blue, but Mosmann Australia® not only found a way to make it work, they found a way to make it look super cute! One thing that I especially liked was that the products were not sheer. I am not really a fan of sheer colors in general, so I was happy to see that these colors were very bold and vivid. Along with the pale colors, this set also includes a couple shades of dark yellow and forest green. I was really amazed by how well every color fit into this bra. After seeing it, I wouldn't change a thing! In conclusion, I felt like the color palette of this bra is absolutely perfect!

FIT: This is, by far, the most important part of any article of clothing. I am happy to say that yes both products fit. The underwear had a bikini brief fit. This meant that they went up to my hips and fit exactly like a bikini bottom. This fit is perfect for everyday wear. The bikini brief was not too big or too small. The bra also had a really good fit. This product was a little looser than I had anticipated it to be. I had expected to wear this on the middle hook, but instead, I wore it on the tightest hook. If you are confused about what size to get, I would recommend rounding down. Due to the adjustable straps, this bra also had a perfect length. Overall, they were both a great fit!

QUALITY: Both pieces arrived without any rips, tears, or holes. This is what I expect from every company. Both products are of high-quality material. After wearing them, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to buy anything that isn't made with the same quality as Mosmann Australia®'s products. It may come as a surprise to some to hear the I have had undergarments break, rip, or tear within the first day of me wearing them. I was able to wear these products all day long without having them breaking on me. Both products did hold up through the wash. I do recommend air-drying to keep both products from getting ruined, twisted, or torn in the dryer. In conclusion, these are very high-quality products.

FEEL: This is the aspect of the products that impressed me the most. I suppose I am used to a more cotton/synthetic material feel because I was truly shocked by how soft and comfortable this set was. The bikini brief was very comfortable. It caused me no irritation whatsoever. Normally, I don't ever say that bras are comfortable( they rarely are!), but this bra actually was. I believe this bra was so nice to wear because it lacked an underwire but still offered support. This definitely is not a bra to exercise in, but it is perfect to wear on a casual low-energy day. Wearing a comfortable, matching set can really help improve a woman's self confidence. This was a way for me to feel stylish and comfortable all at the same time. I never thought that undergarments could be so comfortable until I tried Mosmann Australia®.

SUMMARY: I encourage every woman to discover Mosmann Australia®'s wireless bras. These bras, along with Mosmann Australia®'s bikini briefs, are extremely comfortable, stylish, and chic. I highly recommend these products!

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