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Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Numi Tea.

Numi Organic Tea is a premium, Fair Trade sustainable company. They specialize in unique and innovative blends of tea.

PACKAGING: Even though tea is centered more on look and taste, I find that packing is still a crucial element for me. If a box of tea has too much or too little on it, I tend to chose another brand. I will take each flavor of tea and evaluate its packing. The first package I will evaluate is the Three Roots tea from the Turmeric Tea Collection. The first thing that caught my eye was the mustard yellow color of the box. This instantly drew me in. I have found that fall color tones( for example: maroon, navy blue, mustard yellow, etc.) really look amazing on tea boxes. I find that this is because tea is a traditionally cold weather beverage. Using a color like mustard yellow is common among teas, but I quite like it. The box also has a picture of what appears to be some of the ingredients. Like the color of the box, this picture gave me a warm, cozy feeling that just made me want to drink the tea while reading a good book. The next tea I received was the Chocolate Rooibos from the Indulgent Tea Collection. Before I even looked at the box, I was shocked by the name. I didn't know chocolate tea was a thing until I found Numi Tea. I was instantly excited. The box is colored in an off-white. Off-white, like mustard yellow, is another traditional tea color. The color reminded me of the holiday season, which I think we all eagerly await no matter how old we are. Similar to the Three Roots Tea, the Chocolate Rooibos Tea box contained a picture of what appears to be some of the ingredients. Like the Three Roots, this picture gave me a warm and cozy feeling. Unlike the other teas I received, I liked the packaging on the Chocolate Rooibos the best. Im not sure if it the off-white color or the homely picture, but the combination of chocolate, off-white, and warm photos gives me a sense of longing for the cold holiday season that no tea has ever given me before. Out of all the teas I have ever reviewed, the Chocolate Rooibos takes the cake for the best packaging design I have ever seen. Moving on to the Jasmine Green Tea. I was pleased to see that Numi Tea kept up their warm, fall color palette. Normally, I am not a fan of burnt orange, but I feel like Numi Tea used it in such a way that I can't think of a better color for their Jasmine Green. I really liked the close-up of jasmine on the box. This picture included some hazy greens in the background. This green allowed for a contrast with orange that really gave the box a unique and original feel. The final tea I received was the Aged Earl Grey. Long time fans will know that Early Grey is my absolute favorite kind of tea. I was surprised, yet pleased with the color Numi Tea chose for this product. Normally, tea companies used a dull grey for their Earl Grey tea. Numi chose a pale blue. This pale blue is a stark contrast from their other products, but takes a tea that is considered "plain" or "boring" by some, and gives it a new spin. Numi Tea chose to include a picture of some tea leaves on the box. Overall, I found that Numi Tea packaging has a unique spin that gives a nod to traditional tea boxes.

SMELL: Smell is most likely the second most important category when it comes to tea. How things smell can influence how they taste. The first tea I tried was the Three Roots. The Three Roots fell short of my expectations. It was strong, intense, and spicy. Because of this, I was immediately turned-off by the tea. It was not the warm, pleasant smell that I expect from my morning tea. Another tea that fell short of my expectations was the Chocolate Rooibos. This tea did not have a strong smell like the Three Roots; I just expected the tea to smell more like chocolate and less like rooibos. Looking back, I am not sure why I expected tea to smell like a chocolate candy bar, but expectations are important to me when it comes to food and clothing. That being said, the tea actually did smell good and enjoyable. The Jasmine Green exceeded my expectations. This tea had more than the warm smell of tea. It smelt amazing. It had elements of traditional green tea mixed with scents I am certain are unique to Numi Tea's Jasmine Green. It was truly wonderful just to have my kitchen smell like it for bit. It was so delightful that I almost wish I had a Jasmine Green candle. I was also impressed with the Aged Earl Grey. Unlike the Jasmine Green, Earl Grey smelled like all other earl grey teas I have had. That being said, I still absolutely loved it. Overall, I found that Numi Tea either fell short or greatly exceeded my expectations on smell.

TASTE: This is the most important element of tea. This is the reason I buy tea. I really enjoyed the flavor of all of these teas. My two favorites were the Three Roots and the Jasmine Green. The Three Roots had this amazingly unique spicy tang to it. It really woke me up the morning I had it. I loved it so much because it was so original. It was a creative and innovative flavor. I really recommend this flavor because it is so much more than the somewhat bland teas that can be found at nearly any tea company. This tea was astoundingly tasty. The next tea I tried was the Chocolate Rooibos. This tea was more of a dessert than a morning tea. The chocolate flavors that it contained made me view it as more of a after dinner type beverage. I would not recommend drinking it with your morning bowl of cereal, but it is perfect for entertaining company. The next tea I tried was the Jasmine Green. I wish I had more of this tea because it was love at first sip. This tea was so delectable, flavorful, and just plain good. I have never had a better cup of tea than the Jasmine Green. I highly recommend it for its amazing taste. I don't think I will ever be able to go back to other jasmine green teas after tasting Numi Tea's Jasmine Green. The final tea I tried was the Aged Earl Grey. Earl grey is a classic, and Numi Tea did it justice. This tea was flavorful and perfect for any time of day. I really loved drinking a cup of Numi Tea's Earl Grey. In conclusion, Numi Tea offers some of the best tea I have ever had. I highly recommend trying at least one of the flavors I tried. You can definitely find your cup of tea and Numi Tea.

PREPARATION: I found Numi Tea to be easy to prepare which is just what I want early in the morning. I received tea bags from Numi. If Numi Tea is going to be your very first tea company(a great place to start), here is how I cook my tea. First, place the tea bag in a medium-large sized mug. Next, fill the mug up almost to the top with water. Then, place in the microwave and follow your microwave's beverage instructions. Finally, steep the tea for the time listed on the package. It is as simple as that. If you are using loose tea leaves, I highly recommend using an infuser or strainer.

RECOMMENDATION: Numi Tea offers a great selection of tea, but what do I recommend? I highly recommend the Jasmine Green. It offers a flavor that is great for new and long-term tea drinkers alike. It has a strong flavor that isn't overwhelming. A good choice for long-term tea drinkers is the Three Roots. This tea has a strong and spicy flavor and smell. Whatever it is you look for in a tea, Numi Tea has something that is perfect for you.

SUMMARY: Numi Tea offers a unique variety of products that can be hard to find anywhere else. My favorite of their products would have to be their tea bags. Their tea bags are flavorful and easy to brew. Along with their tea bags, Numi Tea also offers loose leaf tea. Numi Tea even offers a store locator for those who prefer to shop in-store. Numi Tea is fair trade certified, and offers amazing tea!


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