Breakfast Sock by Odd SoxDexters Sock by Odd Sox                                           Doughnuts Flavors Sock by Odd Sox
Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Odd Sox.

Odd Sox offers a selection of crazy designs and custom socks for men, women, and children including knee high socks for women.

STYLE: I have always loved crazy socks. Odd Sox offered a plethora of crazy and unique designs for me to choose from. The first pair of socks I received were the breakfast socks. These socks had an array of breakfast foods on a pale blue background. I thought this design was really creative and fun. I have not seen it anywhere else which leaves me to believe that it may be exclusive to Odd Sox. The next design I received was Dexter's Laboratory. This show was a favorite of mine as a kid, so I absolutely loved this design! This rare design was definitely my favorite of the three. If you are still unsure about which sock to get,  I highly recommend this sock based on the design. The final sock I received had an array of doughnuts splashed onto a white background. Doughnut socks are uncommon and unique. These socks seemed to offer everything I wanted in a sock: a little bit of craziness with a cool design.

COLOR: As a crazy sock enthusiast, color is very important to me. A sock can't be considered crazy if it is lack-luster and bland. Every sock I received was vibrant and featured vivid colors.

FIT: I received crew fit socks, and these socks were exactly that. Every sock is designed to fit shoe sizes 6-13. I am a size 7, so the socks were a bit long, but I like my socks that way. These socks are good fit for nearly everyone!

QUALITY: I could tell that these socks were made of  strong, durable material. They held up through the wash. The colors did not fade either.  I was impressed with their quality.

FEEL; My only problem with the socks was the feel. These socks were just a bit too thick for my liking. I would recommend these socks for fall/winter wear, not spring/summer.

SUMMARY: Odd Sox offers crazy, custom socks for men, women, and children!


  1. Truly appreciate the review. Your input means the world to us. -Odd Mob


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