Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. 

I received several products from Oliver's Labels in the Chevron design. The labels I received were the round labels, mini labels, original labels, Stick-eez™ clothing dots, and the mini bag totes. Oliver's Labels is great for keeping the whole family organized.

PURCHASING: Before I talk about the actual product, I would like to take some time to talk about the actual purchasing process. I found this process to be very easy to understand and maneuver through the website. The first step is to find the labels you are interested in purchasing. The first step is to type in your name and surname. I found this to be by far the easiest step of the whole process. The boxes were large and allow for a lot of characters, so no need to worry about your name not fitting. One thing that was really innovative about the customization process was the large box to the left of all the information boxes. This box displayed a picture of the labels with your name on it updated a little slower than real time. This was super helpful to me. It really helped me to visualize what my labels would look like. Oliver's Labels also offers a Found-It™ feature that you can add to your labels in case the product they are attached to gets lost. This is a really creative idea that I personally did not try, but would definitely encourage others to try. If you opt for the Found-It™ feature, you must provide an e-mail address. Next, select a design. I chose the Chevron design and will go into more details about my thoughts later. The selection process was simple, clean, and easy. Once you have completed this task, save the item to your cart. Placing an order is even easier than choosing and designing your labels. Oliver's Labels has a three step approach to placing orders. I found this to be organized and easy to maneuver. Be sure to have you address, delivery option, and payment information on hand when placing an order. Overall, I found the website and this process to be easy and simple.

STYLE: Oliver's Labels offers two different shapes, two sizes and a variety of designs. I received both the circular and rectangular labels in the chevron design. I liked both the circular and the rectangular labels equally. Traditionally, labels are rectangular, but I was thrilled to see that Oliver's Labels offered another option for those who like the travel the path less taken. However, shape never really mattered to me. Size, however, is very important. Some things that I label, for example a journal, allow for labels of any sizes. My graphing calculator on the other hand is something that I wanted to have a small label for. Oliver's Labels offered small and regular sized labels so that everything I had could be labeled proportionately. This is something I have been trying to find for years! As someone who loves to stay organized, this is extremely important to me. The last aspect of these labels are the design. As summer comes to a close, I have noticed a lot of chevron designs popping up again. I had assumed chevron had gone out of style. This of course did not stop me from purchasing chevron designs; I love chevron. Never one to miss a chance to buy chevron, I was thrilled to see chevron offered. I thought these labels had an excellent style that is perfect for both kids and adults!

COLOR: I was happy to see chevron offered in five colors: pink, blue, grey, green, and yellow. These are normally spring colors, but I think they will work for summer too. Each color offered was pale. I had expected a bit of a bolder color, but I know realize that if the chevron was any bolder, the black print of my name might not stand out as much. The dark shade of black used for the name printing is perfect. There is no fading. The inks come together to create a stylish background that helps the name boldly stand out!

DURABLE: Some labels are extremely papery and flimsy. I absolutely hate labels that rip as easily as a piece of paper. When I label something, I want to label it with a label that lasts for more than five minutes. Oliver's Labels have a glossy feel that keeps them durable. I was happy to see that my labels stayed on for more than a day. These labels were built to last as long as the things they are labeling!

APPLICATION: I did have a little trouble removing the label from the paper. I think this is because the label was stuck to the paper so firmly that I had trouble finding a good place to grasp on to the label and pull. Once the label is off, it is as easy as placing a sticker. Simply apply to an item and smooth over. 

SUMMARY: Oliver's Labels offer the best labels I have ever seen! These labels are cute, colorful, and durable. Oliver's Labels offer many packages for both kids and adults! 

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