Disclaimer: I received  product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Ozeri.

I received the Ultra Wind 42"™ Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Smart LDC & Remote Control from Ozeri. 

QUALITY CONTROL: When I first received this fan, I was disappointed. Not in the fan itself, but in the lack of quality control. Originally, I received my fan with no remote. This was very upsetting to me. The fan is still able to work without the remote; there are several buttons on the control panel itself that do the exact same thing as the remote. Although Ozeri's quality control needs a bit of work, they have great customer service. After I explained my situation, I was able to get my remote in a matter of days. I am sure that this is an isolated incident and will not be happening again to Ozeri customers anytime soon. Even if it does happen, Ozeri's customer service is understanding and ready to help.

STYLE: I really love the style of Ozeri's fan. The fan has a really modern and chic feel to it that makes it perfect for every home or office. After my initial first glance, the first thing I really noticed was the height. Online, 42" does not seem that tall; in person, however, this fan really has a lot of height. I really like the height aspect because the fan was able to blow cool air onto my bed unlike my old fan which was simply too short to reach above my bed. The fan is not too tall either. It does not blow my hair which is great because I hate the look of wind blown hair. The height of the fan really helps make it look professional and sleek. I am always on the lookout for technology that looks as modern as it really it. Ozeri really came through on this aspect. The next thing I noticed about the fan is the display right underneath the control panel. This is incredibly innovative! I have never seen this on a fan before, and quite frankly, I can't go back to a fan that does not have this display. The fan displays several things: oscillation(on/off), mode, room temperature, and speed. When the fan is turned off, the display is blank. I found the oscillation display to contain the letters, "OSC" and two arrows pointing outward. These help to show which way the air is blowing as the fan moves. The mode was the most important thing for the display to show me. Without the display, I would really have no idea what mode I was on. I thought the use of a tree for natural mode and a moon for night mode was very creative, and I really liked the use of symbols. The most amazing thing for me was the room temperature display. At first, I thought this temperature was the temperature of the fan, but it is, in fact, the temperature of the room. I like this because I can see my fan cooling down the room, and I can accurately check the temperature without walking all the way across my house to the thermostat. The last unique style on the LCD display panel is the speed. Speed is measured by both  yellow bars and by a spinning blue line. Personally, I prefer the yellow bars to display increased speed. This entire display helps to really give the fan a sophisticated and stylish feel. The remote is also simple, yet sophisticated. The remote is small and contains six buttons that help control the fan from a distance. The remote works amazingly, just as well as the buttons on the control panel. The Ozeri logo is very large on both the fan and the remote, but since this is not an article of clothing, I really do not mind. Overall, I thought both the fan and the remote were very sleek and stylish.

COLOR: The fan's main colors are light and dark grey. These colors used together show professional and high-quality products. I would not change the color of this fan. I felt like Ozeri did a great job of showing their professional products through color. The LCD display has green, blue, and yellow colors. These colors really help to bring about a relaxed feel to the fan. The remote interestingly has an orange on/off button. This dull orange really does go great with the shades of grey on both the fan and on the remote; however, the orange does not match anything on the fan. I would have liked to see the on/off button tie in a new way. In general, I did think that Ozeri used professional colors that really give the fan that sleek feel. 

FEATURES: The first feature is oscillation. This function allows for widespread breeze throughout the entire room. This is a really great option for an office or for a larger room. In a small room, I do recommend turning the oscillation off as a moving fan can take up a lot of space. This function can be activated through the control panel and the remote. I believe that oscillation is a basic function, and I expect it on all of my fans. The next feature is really original. This fan contains a timer that sets the duration of operation before the fan automatically turns off.  This is a feature that I have never seen on another fan before. As someone who likes to fall asleep with a fan on, this was a really great option for me. This can be activated by pressing either the Timer- or the Timer+ button. One decreases the timer and one increases it respectively. They allow for 1 hour increments up to 12 hours. This will show up on the LCD display. I found this to be a truly innovative and useful feature. The next feature is speed. The fan offers a high, medium, and low speed setting. This is also a basic feature I expect with every fan I purchase. The next unique feature is mode. There are three modes: sleep, nature, and normal. Before I discuss each mode, I will say that I was irritated by the noise of the fan. Not because it was noisy; the fan is actually very quiet. I was annoyed because it was not a constant sound. The speed of the fan seems to change a bit no matter which setting I was on. I like my fans to be a sort of noisemaker or to be completely silent. I don't like to hear the sound of a fan speeding up and slowing down constantly throughout the night. Now, on to the individual modes. Sleep mode is the precursor to night mode which I will discuss soon. Nature mode mocks gusty winds that might be experienced outside. Normal mode is the fan acting regularly. Night mode can only be activated once the fan is in sleep mode. Night mode dims all LCD icons except for the moon icon. This is really great, for me especially, because I don't like a lot of outside light flooding into my bedroom. To activate, hold down mode on the control panel for three seconds. Overall, I thought this fan contains a plethora of features!

COOLING: This fan really does cool a room down. When I first turned the fan on, the temperature read 78 degrees. At the end of the day, the temperature had dropped to 74 degrees. I was really impressed with this fan's cooling power, and highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with a heat wave!

ASSEMBLY: Normally, I hate assembling things. Although I hate to admit it, I am not very handy with tools. However, I found this fan easy to assemble. First, snap the two long plastic pieced together to create the extension column. Next, slide the two half-circle pieces together to create the base. Finally, secure with screws. All of the pieces just snap together. This is truly an easy build. 

SUMMARY: Filled with features, this fan is sophisticated and cooling! I highly recommend it.

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