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For an everyday chocolate, discover Russell Stover's everday collection.

PACKAGING: Each one of these packages draws my attention in a new way. The Pistachio Bark incorporates a shade of green that I have never seen used in chocolate packaging before. I really liked how the green was used to emphasis that this is no ordinary chocolate, it is pistachio bark. The green just jumped right out at me. I liked how creative colors were used, but not overused. However, my favorite thing about the bag would have to be the resealable top. This made for a no-mess, easy storage solution that I think needs to be on every bag of candy. The bag also included a unique text. The text contained two different colors as well as two different fonts. The colors were green and brown. I believe this was used to symbolize pistachios being in the chocolate. Besides the word, "BARK", the rest of the packaging was written in an elegant cursive font that I thought perfectly represented the brand. I was a bit shocked by the bold print accompanying this delicate font. The bold vibe may have been a bit too much for this products. I did, however, love the pictures strewn across the front of the bag. The Assorted chocolates had a much fancier overall look. Only traditional colors were used along with the inclusion of a classy bow. I am much fonder of this look over the look of the other bag because it offers the elegance that I expect from a high chocolate brand like Russell Stover. This bag also features a clear picture of what the product looks like. The picture on the front of this bag really made me want to eat the candy the minute I opened the box. Overall, I thought each bag had its own personal design that helps display which everyday occasion the chocolate is for.

LOOK: Food needs to look delicious. That is just a simple fact. Another simple fact is that both of these products looked absolutely delicious. Allow me to go into detail. The Pistachio Bark was an array of pistachios surrounded by chocolate. This is the first time that I have ever seen or tried chocolate bark. I found myself loving the physical appearance of this product. The Assortment Pack came individually wrapped. I always appreciate individually wrapped chocolates because it allows for the product to be shared among friends, family, and co-workers in a sanitary way. Underneath the wrapper, each product had a unique shape. I thought this was an innovative way to distinguish between the different products. These chocolates looked delicious and passed my personal quality control.

SMELL: Next to taste, this is an extremely important factor when it comes to food. I found the chocolate to smell fresh and chocolate-ly each day I went to try some. As a tip, keep chocolate in the fridge until you want to eat it. It helps keep the chocolate fresh!

TASTE: Some of you might remember my review of other chocolate companies who featured pistachio infused products. After trying Russel Stover's, it is safe to say that Russel Stover takes the cake on best tasting-pistachio chocolate. This bark kept a good balance between salty and sweet. There were not so many pistachios that I felt overwhelmed with their flavor, but there were enough to provide an amazing taste. I was super pleased to find that none of the pistachios had gone rotten in the chocolate. Overall, an delicious flavor. The Assortment pack featured four flavors. The first one is Mint Patty. This patty was good, but nothing was particularly special about it. In fact, I felt this way about all the products in that bag except for the Pecan Delight. This product had a good mixture of nuts and caramel for a sweet and salty taste.  

FILLINGS: I found that each product contained a sufficient amount of filling inside. I was able to taste the intended flavor of each product without feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed. 

SUMMARY: If you are looking for an assortment of your favorite Russell Stover chocolates, try the Assorted Bag. It offers the best of their recipes. My personal recommendation is the Pistachio Bark. This produt was unique, innovative, and delicious. This post was sponsored by Russell Stover and BzzAgent.

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