Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review.

I received this swim jacket from Solartex. Solartex Sun Gear INC offers high quality, lightweight, sun protective wear with the maximum sun protection available, 50+ SPF/UPF. This blocks over 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Solartex offers styles for babies, kids, and adults. Contact Solartex at 877-476-5789 or send them an e-mail for more information. To view or order their products, check our their online store.

STYLE: I received this swim jacket from Solartex. Overall, this jacket has a pretty simple style. Other than a couple aspects, this jacket is fairly plain. Because this is a swim jacket, I really like that idea. Because the jacket is plain, it is able to match easily with a lot of swimsuit styles, colors, and designs. This jacket does have a few interesting traits that I would like to discuss. The first is the Stingray Australia logo. This is actually the brand of the jacket. I really liked the black and grey color choice for this logo. Grey and Black are the two colors that come to mind when I think of stingrays. The image of the stingray is also a unique touch. Occasionally,  I do see a brand that includes an animal as part of their logo and as their defining trait. The inclusion of the stingray is not unique, but it is certainly not overdone. One thing I did not like was how large the logo was. On clothing, I like to keep all logos as small as possible. I felt like the logo on this jacket was far too large to be acceptable. I felt as though the height was fine, but I did feel like the logo was excessively long. The zipper had a really cool touch to it. Attached to the zipper was a ribbon with the stingray logo. I thought this was a cool inclusion because it makes zipping up and down easier to do with wet hands. This is truly innovative. The logo included on the zipper was fairly small; therefore, it did not bother me. The logo is also included in small  tag on the side of the jacket. Overall, I thought that this jacket was the epitome of simple summer style.

COLOR: As I mentioned earlier, this jacket is navy blue. It does feature some other minor colors, but they are irrelevant to the jacket's main color pallet. Because the jacket is just one color, it really does make it easy to pair and match with your swimsuit. Along with that, this jacket is not sheer at all! No need to worry about your jacket being see-through!

FIT: I hate feeling crammed into my clothes. At the same time, I don't want my shirts to reach my knees. When I first looked at the jacket in person, I thought for sure it would be too small. It seemed two sizes too short on both the length and the sleeves. I was honestly shocked when I put it on. The jacket was a perfect fit! This jacket stretches to be have that perfect loosely fitted fit that I love. It allowed for mobility while being figure-flattering all the while.

QUALITY: When I look for swimwear, I am looking for something that will last the whole day. I am hunting for a product that won't give out  on me. I am desperately trying to find something that has as much durability as I have endurance. I believe I found all of that with this jacket. This jacket arrived with no rips, tears, or holes. This product was able to keep up with me throughout the whole day. It also lasted through the wash! It is really a high quality product.

FEEL: Rashes are my biggest concern with swim jackets. The idea of peeling off swimwear only to find raw, red skin mortifies me. If you weren't concerned about swim rashes before, you are probably a little concerned now. Thankfully, Solartex offers swim jackets that don't cause rashes. These jackets are smooth and feel great to wear. This jacket looks as great as it feels!

SUMMARY: Solartex Sun Gear is your source for quality sun protective wear! I highly recommend!

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