Team Rocket Trainee (Black)

Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of Stride Fitness Apparel.

I received this Team Rocket Trainee from Stride Fitness Apparel.

STYLE: There are a lot of unique style aspects about this shirt. At first glance, I can see that this shirt references Team Rocket from the ever-popular Pokemon games and TV shows. As a kid, and as an adult, I always loved Team Rocket. This was such a unique find. I have never seen another Team Rocket tee besides the others offered at Stride Fitness Apparel. Stride Fitness Apparel really found a great way to bring games and fitness together with this tee. When I looked more at the details, the first thing I noticed was the neckline. Crew necklines are my preferred neckline for both tees and workout clothing. The reason being is that I don't need to worry about the shirt sliding too low. Another great aspect about crew necklines is that they go with every style. The next thing I noticed was the "TRAINEE" title at the top of the shirt. I thought this was what really tied fitness into this gamer tee. The big "R" really caught my attention. This is the defining aspect of this tee. This is what distinguishes the tee as a Team Rocket shirt. I really like the 3D look to the letter. I thought it was really creative and gave the shirt some personality.  Going along with the style of the shirt, there are two pokeballs in the bar under the "R". For those that don't know what a pokeball is, a pokeball is what catches pokemon(think super powered animals). Catching a pokemon is how you add to your team that you train. These pokeballs really help emphasis that this is a Team Rocket tee shirt and not a shirt with a random "R". I think that this shirt would lose a great amount of its appeal had the pokeballs not been included. The next part of the shirt is the most innovative aspect. As one can see, the shirt contains some Japanese characters. When translated, these actually say "Team Rocket". I was super impressed by this. This shirt is truly one of a kind. There is one more nerdy aspect that really caught my eye. At the very bottom of the shirt, there are the names of some of the most popular areas in the pokemon game! Overall, I felt like Stride Fitness Apparel really did their research to create a shirt for nerdy fitness fans! I was truly impressed!

COLOR: This shirt has a basic white with black color pallet. This is a great color combination year round! I really liked how the lettering on the shirt appeared to be a bit worn and faded. Normally, I don't like this on a shirt, but because this is a workout tee, I thought that having a worn-out look was appealing since it made it seem like I have worked out a lot more than I actually had. Despite the intentional fading, the black is actually very bold which makes me feel like the color will not fade for quite some time. I did notice that the shirt was a bit sheer. I would recommend wearing a tank top or other undershirt of some kind while wearing this shirt. In summary, I really thought this tee had a classic color pallet, and everyone knows that the classics never go out of style.

FIT: This shirt had a really nice fit. There was plenty of room for my arms to move around. This is great considering the fact that this is a workout tee. This tee also had a great fit on my bust and waist. Normally, I like my tees to be a loose fitted; however, since this was a workout tee, I wanted this shirt to be loose. I was happy to see that that shirt was loose but not baggy. I didn't feel like I was swimming in my shirt, but I did feel like I had plenty of room to move around. I was really able to complete all of my workout routines without feeling constricted. I will note that this shirt was a bit long on me. I consider long to be any shirt that goes past my hips without me pulling it down. This shirt naturally fell about an inch above normal work-out shorts. Overall, the loose fit of this tee really allowed for movement without constraints making it the perfect work out tee!

QUALITY: As I expected, this shirt arrived without any holes, rips, or tears. This shirt is really made of high quality material. I could tell that it was truly built to last through even the toughest workout. This shirt is designed to be worn during a wide array of activities. No matter the workout, this shirt will last through it without a problem. This shirt also held up well through the wash. Like most shirts, I do recommend air drying to prevent accidental shrinkage or other problems. In conclusion, this shirt is built to last through your toughest workouts!

FEEL: Because this shirt had a print on it, I had expected to feel irritation or roughness where the print was. Luckily, the shirt was soft and comfortable. Longtime fans know that graphic tees have given me irritation in the past, but not this one! I was super excited to find that I could not even feel the print from the underside of the shirt. It was really unique to find a gamer tee that was this comfortable. I looked and felt awesome in this tee!

SUMMARY: This is a must have tee for gamers who love a good workout! This is a great way to combine two hobbies into one amazing tee. Whether you go to a real gym or a virtual one, you'll look great in this tee! I highly recommend it.

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