DISCLAIMER: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of THINX

I received this pair of underwear entitled "Cheeky" from THINX.

STYLE: THINX offers a variety of undergarments designed to be worn during a women's period. The underwear offered are designed to accompany-or completely eliminate-the use of pads, tampons, or other products. This alone really intrigued me, but the style of the underwear really stood out too. When most women think of "period panties", the think of dirty, torn, or ratty underwear. THINX completely changes that stereotype by offering stylish and classy drawers designed specifically for that time of the month. Overall, I liked the minimalist design. It really gave the pair a clean look which is something that all women need. On a more detailed level, I really liked the lace. Lace is not at all something new to underwear (or undergarments in general), but it is definitely something new for periods. I believe that most women feel unattractive, disheveled, and messy while on their periods. The lace on this pair really helped me to feel pretty and confident instead of the usual gross, disgusting, and tired feeling. The confidence didn't end there. Because this pair had an absorbent pad built into the underwear, I didn't need to worry about my tampon leaking before it was time to change it. Not having to worry about leakage is truly a freeing feeling that shouldn't be so rare among women. THINX kept it classy and cute with this pair!

COLOR: In general, I believe that all girls need a good pair of black underwear. One simply cannot feel as beautiful in a pair of, lets say, white underwear as they might with black. The solid black helps to enforce that confident feeling that THINX is striving to create. Along with that, black is often a color of maturity and class. By using black, THINX helps women to embrace what makes them a woman.

FIT: Although this pair of underwear had many amazing aspects, I was not a huge fan of the fit. Technically speaking, this pair did fit correctly according to its design. It is the design of the fit that I did not like. Personally, I prefer a more hipster/brief design for "period underwear". This design was a bit tighter and showed a bit more, hence the name "cheeky". Like I mentioned before, this pair did fit exactly the way it was supposed to. It was not too small or big nor was it too tight or loose. This is a great product for those who love to wear the same style during their period as they do any other time of the month.

QUALITY: This piece arrived sans rips, tears, and holes. I am always weary of this with lace because it rips so easily. Overall, this product was made with high quality material, but that is not what really impressed me. What was truly astonishing was the product's ability to actually absorb to prevent leakage. I did have my doubts, but, accompanied with a tampon or pad, this product absorbed everything. I did not leak through this pair or my pants. No need to worry about accidents anymore ladies, THINX has a high-quality, affordable solution.

FEEL: Out of all my criteria, I was most concerned with this area. I had assumed that absorbent also meant heavy. I did not want to feel weighed down by my underwear- and who would? This pair was actually comfortable. It is soft, silky, and smooth. Along with a heavenly feeling, the pair caused me no irritation. This is essential because a women's period can raise her tendency to become irritated by cloth( and people).  Wearing a comfortable pair can really help improve a woman's self confidence. This was a way for me to feel stylish and comfortable all at the same time. I never thought that periods could be comfortable until I tried THINX.

SUMMARY: THINX offers underwear for women with periods. I tried "Cheeky" which is designed for medium days and holds one tampon's worth. THINX offered me the protection and confidence I need to get through my day. This pair protected both the front and back. To care for your pair, rinse first, wash cold, remover softener, and hang dry. THINX also has a wonderful mission statement. They are, "committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation". This message is truly something that the modern women needs-especially from her period products. Along with this, THINX dreams of a world where no woman is held back by her body. They are working hard to ensure that every girl has an equal opportunity for a bright future. THINX creates products that promote and provide support, comfort, and confidence. They ensure than periods don't have to be shameful. With THINX, you can make your period truly your own. You can chose the fit, style, color, and absorbency level for what you need. With four layers of protection, THINX is sure to be your new best friend

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