Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Picture is property of 1Face.

1Face offers watches that donate some of the sales towards specific charities depending on the color. For example,  some of sales from my Classic Watch goes to cancer foundations. 1Face gives everyone a chance to help change the world. Have questions? Feel free to email to learn more about how 1Face works.

STYLE: I received the Classic Watch from 1Face. Generally speaking, this watch mocks the popular smartwatch design. This can help others fit in well with their school or work environments without spending nearly as much. Getting into specifics, this watch has a fairly large wristband which I did not like. Because I am fond of more feminine jewelry, I prefer to have a thinner wristband to accommodate my thin wrist. The thick band gives a manly aura to this watch which is not appealing to feminine consumers like myself. The watch face is also very large; had this watch been coupled with a thinner band, I do not think I would have minded as much; however, because this watch is large in both the face and the band, it looks awkward and clumsy on my wrist. It completely overpowers my arm and just looks strange on such a small person. Even the buttons on the side were quite big. However, this can be a great watch for those who like bigger jewelry or for those who are bigger in general!

COLOR: This watch is just one color: black. The display lights up in white. Black is an essential, basic color that goes with nearly everything. Black becomes especially popular during the winter, so now is a perfect time to purchase and begin wearing your black jewelry-including watches. Due to the universality of the color, pairing this watch with outfits is easy and wearing it is a breeze. The silver accents only make the watch fit it with more outfits and help give the watch a bit of glitz.

FIT:I was very pleased with the fit of this watch. Due to my small wrists, I had thought that, perhaps, this watch may end up being too big for me. This is not a problem just for 1Face. I encounter this problem with nearly everything I buy. Thanks to the adjustable strap, however, I was able to find that this watch fits me perfectly. It is neither too loose nor too tight. The strap sizes range from very big to very small, so there is a very good chance that this watch will fit you too!

FEATURES: The features of a watch are the most important. If a watch has no features, it does not work. The first, and most obvious feature, is the clock. This feature, once set, works great and without a problem! The next aspect is the date. I am someone who never knows what the date is. I scramble to the write the date on papers, checks, contracts-you name it! Having a date feature on a watch is something that really did help me out a lot. I never thought I would even need this on a watch until I realized just how much I was actually using it. The final feature is the stopwatch. This is really great to use with runners, experiments, or just entertaining yourself in a boring meeting( although this is a very low form of entertainment). While the stopwatch had no practical use for me, I can see how it would be a great add-on for many people. Finally, this watch is very easy to set. With just a push of a button, the time begins to blink and you control the time! Overall, the basic features included in the watch were perfect for me!

FEEL: I started typing this review with the watch on, but I simply just had to take it off. The watch keeps my wrist stationary making it very hard to write, type, or do anything really. I just felt that the bulkiness of the watch weighed me down a lot. I felt immobile when wearing this. Besides the annoying feelings, the watch does not cause any real skin irritation. My skin did not turn red, bumpy, or irritated after wearing this watch.

SUMMARY:These watches provide treatment for those who need it while offering consumers a unique watch option.

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