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Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Inspyr Socks.

Inspyr Socks offers socks of many different styles and colors that inspire athletes. Inspyr Socks are cool, colorful socks with powerful, inspiring messages. I received the "Let's Go" sock in an ankle cut with the "Courage" sock in a crew cut. Both of these sock styles offer unique messages. After this review, be sure to check out the Inspyr Socks Shop and other blogs to learn more about Inspyr Socks. Bonus: they also offer free shipping!

STYLE: I am a crazy sock fan. Crazy meaning socks that aren't just plain black or white. I love colors, words, pictures, and any combination of the three. I am also an athlete; I play tennis quite often, so I understand the need to have socks specifically for athletes of any level. Inspyr Socks bring a lot to the table. I received two pairs with two different messages. One: "Let's Go" and two: "Courage". I really liked the placement of both of these phrases. Having these on the back of the sock makes them more visible when wearing athletic shoes. The "Let's Go" sock is perfect to wear during a game. It really pumps you up while throwing a friendly taunt at your opponent. I felt that the "Courage" sock is better for those who run marathons, especially those who run for charity. The printed text on your sock can symbolize the courage that the people whom you are running for have to keep on keeping on in their everyday life. Both messages inspired me in a really unique way. As with most sock companies, Inspyr Socks does display their name on the socks, but their name is easily hidden by a shoe, thereby keeping your outfit in tact. Overall, this creative brand offered an even more creative product.

COLOR: My favorite part of both of these socks was the color. I like bright and vivid for my socks. If I wanted to wear something drab, I would go shopping in the Great Depression. I want something that gives my casual outfits a bit of color-something that really makes my outfits stand out, in a good way. The "Let's Go" sock really did a great job of doing this. This sock features shades of yellow, purple, and pink. These springtime hues are rarely seen put together like that, and that is what makes this sock so amazing! Inspyr Socks dared to make a sock for bubbly, expressive people. However, Inspyr Socks's "Courage" sock was a bit more traditional and conservative with its colors. It still offered a sassy royal red and bold blue combo while remaining familiar. Inspyr Socks has a color combo for everyone!

FIT: These socks come as a "one size fits most". I was, admittedly, worried. One size fits most usually means: these socks wont fit me. Unfortunately, these socks were a bit large; however, they were not so large that it caused bunching in the sock or ruined my outfit. I figure that I probably have small feet for an adult, so it is safe to say that these socks will probably fit the average adult. In the future, I would love to see Inspyr Socks come out with an option for smaller feet or perhaps a children's line.

QUALITY: These socks arrived in fabulous condition! No rips, tears, holes, stains. Nothing but awesome. Being an athlete, I need a sock that can keep up with me through all the sweat, movement, etc. These socks lasted through my workouts. I was happily surprised by this: most socks show signs of wear after just one training session. I also loved how these socks lasted through the wash; however, after seeing them last through a workout, I figured they could take on just about anything, including the washer and dryer.

FEEL: I put my feet through a lot. When playing, I often pound my feet forcefully on the ground. This, combine with my arch problem, leaves my feet feeling terrible. Because of this, I need to do everything I can to help prevent, protect, and heal my feet while I'm still young. Foot problems can quickly lead to ankle or knee issues later on. Obviously, no sock can really do anything to prevent, protect, or heal; it takes special treatment, and occasionally medical attention, for that, but socks can provide a comfortable environment for your feet before, during, and after training or a game. I need my feet to be in the best shape they can possibly be in; that's why I look for the most comfortable sock around. Unfortunately, the most comfortable sock around is not practical to wear during practice. Fuzzy socks and heat do not mix well.The socks that Inspyr Socks offers are comfy and practical! I loved wearing before, during, and after workouts. I highly recommend.

SUMMARY: Inspyr Socks are perfect for those who work, and play, hard!

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