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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Izzybell boutique

Izzybell Boutique offers jewelry that you can wear, smell, and enjoy-in other words: aromatherapy jewelry. Like their Facebook page for extra deals and coupons to be used on their website.

STYLE: I received two product from Izzybell Boutique: the oval necklace diffuser and the small rose gold necklace diffuser. I have never loved the design of two necklaces more than the designs of the two necklaces I received. Both had a very romantic design that I just adored. Both necklaces have the same basic design to them-a locket with a small soft ball put inside on which is poured the essential oil. From there, the two necklaces go their separate ways. The oval necklace has a stunning vintage design. I am a lover of modern with a dash of vintage. This necklace found the best of both worlds. This locket had the traditional chain that is seen with most necklaces. I am ever a traditionalist, and found this chain to be charming. The egg shaped locket's design is, to put it simply, beautiful. It radiates elegance, charm, and poise. I really found myself to be bewitched by this necklace. The only real issue I had with it was opening it up. I found the locket to be difficult to open each and every time I tried to open it. Once opened, however, I was able to place in two balls with essential oil due to the larger size. The rose gold necklace had a much more modern chain, but, to my surprise, I was captivated by it. I felt that this chain in any other color would just look bad, but it look glamourous. The locket itself was a small ball with a beautiful modern romantic design. I was pleased to note that this locket is easy to open. Due to its size, this locket only holds one ball, but I still can't help but adore its intricate designs. Overall, both necklaces are now staples of my wardrobe. I always have one of the two on. The romantic fashions of these necklaces is simply too good to pass up!

COLOR: The oval necklace is a brilliant silver. In absolutely no way is it dull or bland. The vivid grey hue of the metal looks great with nearly any outfit. What really helps this necklace fit with every piece of attire are the colored balls. This necklace comes with black, blue, white, red, yellow, purple, and pink colored balls to place inside the locket. Personally, my favorite color to place on the inside is black because it goes with nearly anything, but as you can see by the picture, blue is also a brilliant option. The rose gold necklace is, obviously, rose gold. Rose gold can be tricky to pair with outfits, but I found that this necklace looked best with maroon and blue shaded clothes. This necklace only comes with white balls, and personally, I would not want any other color. Other colors would take away from the necklaces beauty instead of enhancing it. In conclusion, these necklaces offer colors that delight the senses!

FIT: I am very particular with the length of my necklaces. I absolutely abhor the feeling of my necklace falling into my shirt. Because of that, I really like my necklaces to be either short or long-not really in between. I adored the length of these necklaces. They fell about mid-chest. This is a perfect length for me. I also thought that the length really helped to accentuate the necklace's beauty and grace.

ESSENTIAL OIL: As I mentioned earlier, these are aromatherapy necklaces meaning they work as an essential oil diffuser. For my oil, I chose lavender. The lavender itself came in a small amber bottle. Some may think that the bottle is too small, but, in reality, each necklace only takes a drop or so for the scent to last all day (and then some!). The lavender I received was pure and had a great fragrance. This fragrance lasted two to three days depending on the necklace. I was really impressed with the quality of essential oil as well as the diffusing qualities of Izzybell boutique products.

FEEL: Sadly, some necklaces are irritating. All of those with sensitive skin know the feeling all too well. No need to worry about those uncomfortable feelings with Izzybell Boutique! The necklaces had all of the beauty and none of the irritation.

SUMMARY: Truly, I cannot pick a favorite between these two beauties. They are both absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend them both! I also recommend using lavender as your essential oil. Lavender balances the body and just a simply waft can promoted feelings of relaxation and joy. I know many of my fans are plagued with stress, headaches, and anxiety, and because of that, I strongly recommended using Izzybell Boutique's 100% therapeutic grade lavender. Not a lavender fan? Don't worry! All of Izzybell Boutique's essential oils are therapeutic grade, hand blended, and poured upon order to improve freshness and quality. Ready to buy your own necklace? Click here to shop Izzybell Boutique's site!

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