Extra Lean Boneless Turkey Breast TenderloinsLean Ground Turkey
Disclaimer: I received product courtesy of the Jennie-O Switch Circle for free. Pictures are property of Jennie-O.

From turkey burgers to turkey bacon, Jennie-O has a variety of tasty and nutritious options.

PACKAGING: Both the tenderloins and the ground turkey have very similar packaging. This is something that I, as a consumer, really appreciate. It helps bring about a sense of unity to both the products and the company as a whole. The main distinguishing factors between the two products is the strip of color at the bottom that indicates the leanness of a product. Blue is for "extra lean" while green is for "lean" which is the default for most Jennie-O products. Jennie-O can generally be recognized by the patterned light and dark green packaging. These colors remind me of a healthy summer day which is just what these products are-healthy.

LOOK: Obviously, these products do not look very appealing uncooked. As one can see by looking closer at the packaging, these products become to look extremely delicious looking when cooked and served property. Because this is meat, it is easy to shape the product, especially the ground turkey, to whichever shape you desire!

SMELL: When I think of turkey, I imagine Thanksgiving-warm, cozy, and safe. When I smell turkey, I want to be reminded of Thanksgiving. Turkey itself has a distinct scent that can be very difficult to describe. Overall, this turkey did smell amazing! I could practically taste it!

TASTE: Ultimately, this is what we all care about. I have often reviewed the ground turkey in the past, so I will do a quick summary of that and then move on to the tenderloin. The ground turkey has an amazing similarity to ground beef without any of the negative health benefits of red meat. The ground turkey tastes delicious and makes great burgers! It is moist and delectable. The tenderloin have a more complex flavor. At first bite, I thought it was a little dry and bland. This is most likely due to the fact that it is an extra lean( in other words: extremely healthy) cut. After adding a bit of gravy and salt, I was happy to note that the turkey wasn't fatty. It tasted much like turkey breast but just a tad drier. Overall, I would recommend giving it a shot!

FLAVOR: The ground turkey has an amazing flavor. It is juicy with just a hint of spice that makes it perfect for tacos or burgers! The tenderloin is a bit bland which gives you the importunity to add in your own favorite seasoning.

SUMMARY: Jennie-O turkey offers a variety of delicious products to help you make the switch from red meats. Read meats have their benefits, but eating too much can do more harm than good. The products that Jennie-O offers truly do provide a delicious alternative to these meats.

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