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Disclaimer: I received product for free in exchange for an honest review. Pictures are property of Kissamint.

I received two products from Kissamint-Miss Independamint and Spearmint Ur Ex. Kissamint delivers a luxurious lip balm and a squeezable breath freshener together thus creating the ultimate secret weapon. This weapon empowers women everywhere to be fearless, fresh, and flirty. Are you ready for the next level of lip balm? The greatest things often come in small packages, and Kissamint is no exception. On one end, a luxe lip balm; on the other, a mint drop freshener. Kissamint comes in two collections: Miss Independamint and Spearamint Ur Ex. Miss Independamint is a clear lip balm with a peppermint candy cane drop while the Spearmint Ur Ex is a red lip balm with a spearmint vanilla drop. Kissamint is made sans BHT, gluten, sulfate, petrolatum, phthalate, and cruelty. To learn more e-mail Kissmint or find them on social media using @Kissamint. Are you ready? You can buy your own Kissamint here.

STYLE: As one can see, both products have the same packaging, so in this section, I will refer to them as one product. Overall, this product has a very unique packaging. For those who are unable to see the picture, the overall design has similar aspects to a lava lamp. Long time fans know, that I am not a fan of seeing logos on my clothing: however, this is no article of clothing. In regards to makeup, beauty, or health products, these products need labels in order to differentiate them from their competitors. A good logo can really make all the difference. The cap of the lip balm has two sides: one with the full company name and another with the logo and motto. First, the full company name. What is unique about the Kissamint name is that the two "s"'s are mirrored, so it forms the shape of a heart. I really thought this cool and creative. This implies that this product will freshen you up for that special someone. This is a truly innovative way to express that connotation. Going off of this, the actual logo is just those two "s"'s and their motto is "together at last". I like this for two reasons. One, the obvious meaning is the fact that both mint drops and lip balm are now combined in one product. The deeper meaning plays off of the love aspect. These two products are together just like you and your special someone. Going into specifics, the grip is perfectly shaped. The mint drops and lip balm work in a fairly typical manner. Overall, I loved the style of this product.

COLOR: There is a lot to discuss color-wise. First off, the color of the logo. The Kissamint logo is white and mint. These are classic colors that always last through the seasons, both fashion and time. I was surprised to see that the overall product was dark purple. This royal color is rarely used in lip balm for obvious reasons: it is often too dark. Keeping that in mind, I was actually surprised to see Kissamint pull this color off. This royal shade served as a great backdrop for their logo and company name. The deepness allowed the lighter hues of white and mint to truly pop out. Miss Independamint is a clear lip balm, so it will not be discussed in this section; however Spearmint Ur Ex does have a red coloring to it. This red shade is very similar to the shade Taylor Swift often wears. It is a bright, fun, summer color. It is definitely the perfect color to wear to bring you up after a break up tears you down. This color instills confidence in its wearer. This color does stain the lips a tad, so if staining is not something you do not like, I would recommend using Miss Independamint for a similar, yet colorless effect. Between the coloring and the packaging, these products were modest, yet bold in their hues.

FEEL: Once applied, this product offers a smooth feeling. I truly felt as though this product was really locking in moisture. After no more than fifteen minutes, my lips felt dry again. At the time, I was shocked. I am used to having my lip balm last for hours on end. I figured it was probably the wind and applied some more. Shortly after, my lips, again, felt dry. This cycle continues on and on. I was disappointed in the feel of this lip balm. I felt that it was more drying than moisturizing. While moisturized, my lips really did feel fantastic. but after the product wore off, I was back to feeling dry again.

TASTE: Strong and bold. Those are the two words I would use to describe the taste of these mints. Both are slightly different, and personally, I prefer the peppermint. When it comes to mints, I don't just want to taste a difference; I want to feel a difference. I definitely felt a positive difference here. From the minute I applied a small drop, I was amazed with the instant fresh breath (and fresh outlook on life). I felt a lot more confident with the fresh breath I got from Kissamint than with any other mint product I have tried. The peppermint really did taste like a candy cane while the spearmint tasted just like a piece of gum. Truly impressive!

APPLICATION: Application is super easy for this product. Simply uncap the lip balm and apply as you would any other lip product. For the mints, unscrew the small cap and gently squeeze out one drop.

SUMMARY: I received Spearmint Ur Ex and Miss Independamint from Kissamint. I would recommend checking out the Miss Independamint for uniquely fresh breath. For those who are ready for a bold look, try out the Spearmint Ur Ex!

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